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Massive, Fluffy Wolfdogs That Look Scary But Are Actually So Cuddly

When you hear the word “wolfdog,” you likely don’t imagine a cute, cuddly, domesticated pal. For many, fear is the immediate response to these massive canines. However, these creatures are becoming extremely popular as pets! Whether their name turns you off or not, this is everything you need to know about these gorgeous beasts!

A Tough Reputation

It goes without saying that wolves aren’t exactly “pet material.” In fact, they’re more likely to gobble up your dog or cat than cuddle with you! However, wolfdogs are a bit different than your average wild creature. Once you know how epicly sweet these animals are, you may reconsider your urge to sprint away from them!


Intimidating Shell, Sweet Personality

While more of these creatures are finding themselves in homes, wolfdogs have a very intimidating appearance. These brute canines have sharp teeth, large paws, and clock in between 70 and 130 pounds! However, this hybrid between a domesticated dog and a wolf is much more cuddly than one might think!


A Wolfdog’s Vibrant Personality

Just like your average wolf, wolfdogs are adventurous, high-energy, and love to howl! And like any typical dog, these creatures are prone to cuddling, fetching, gnawing on furniture, rummaging through trash, and taking long, cozy naps. When nurtured and cared for, these gorgeous animals are far from being dangerous! Of course, no type of pet comes without some difficulties.


Keeping Life Interesting

Their wolf instincts can sometimes make it difficult for them to hold back on biting when playing with you. However, these loving animals don’t seem to be intentionally malicious. They are also prone to howling, so if you’ve got neighbors in close proximity, be ready for some complaints! At the end of the day, though, the upsides to these sweet wolfdogs seem to outweigh the cons.


Filling Life With Adventure

Many wolfdogs are patient, good with kids, and receptive to commands. They also adore hugging their human pals! Their love for the outdoors will make sure you avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Plus, their photogenic qualities make them perfect for capturing memories with. Who couldn’t fall in love with a creature this cute?


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