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Former Spice Girl Mel B Launches Accusations Against Estranged Husband Stephen Belafonte

41-year-old America’s Got Talent judge and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, AKA Mel B is fed up with what many have always speculated to be an abusive relationship between her and her husband Stephen Belafonte. Mel B has finally taken out a restraining order against her estranged spouse, citing incessant physical and sexual abuse as the main instigator. Her restraining order claims were filed at the Superior Court of Los Angeles last Monday.

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Belafonte waved off the accusations, calling them Mel B’s attempts to portray him as the “bad guy” in the situation when he spoke to a TMZ reporter. The turbulent split between the long couple has turned into a bitter spat that is increasingly becoming played out in public.

Mel B has accused her estranged husband of abusing her physically, emotionally and sexually on a number of occasions. Among the claims was that Belafonte allegedly assaulted her physically on one occasion in a fit of jealousy-fuelled rage when she was working with RnB and Pop superstar Usher in 2012 while filming a segment for The X-Factor. During the assault, Belafonte “punched her hard enough to split her lip”.

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In another incident in 2007, Mel B claims that Belafonte assaulted her by pushing her onto the floor and choking her. This was the night of the Dancing with the Stars November 2007 finale. In the 2014 UK X Factor final, the singer appeared on the televised show with what looked like a heavily concealed black eye and scratches on her arms and shoulders. When confronted on that occasion, Belafonte also denied abusing her.

Her temporary restraining order claim also cites a barrage of other unreported physical assault incidents which she suffered in the hands of her husband, with whom she is now separated from.

Mel B also claims that Belafonte would “force her into threesomes with random women” on occasion. These incidents were common and the singer says that Belafonte used secret recordings of their private sex life to blackmail her into performing the acts.

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In another incident, Mel B claimed that Belafonte got their nanny Lorraine pregnant but later paid for her abortion. She claims that her husband had pitted them against each other from the start while he was having an affair with her behind her back.

Belafonte also allegedly risked Mel B’s life after she took an entire bottle of Aspirin one day. The former Spice Girl claims that he locked her up in her room without a phone and left her there to die. She got out of the room eventually by breaking the locks after which she managed to call for help.

Mel B’s accusations against her estranged husband are yet to be confirmed. However, a recent raid of his home by officials from the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms unearthed no illegal arms in his possession.

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