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This Woman Put Up A Message To Her Bicycle Thief, Accidentally Inspired A Whole Community

No one likes a bicycle thief. You especially despise this type of thief if you live in Brooklyn and depend on that bike to get to work every day. What started as a disgruntled message to a local woman’s bicycle thief turned into a viral story as she discovered the heartwarming actions of the people in her community.

Confronting The Thief

Amanda Needham partially blamed herself for her bike being stolen. She didn’t adequately lock the bike, though that doesn’t excuse the thief’s actions. Armed with an 8-foot by 3-foot sign and bright yellow paint, Needham wanted to send a message loud and clear to her bicycle thief. “To the person who stole my bike: I hope you need it more than me. It was $200 used and I need it to get to work. I can’t afford another one. Next time, steal a hipster’s Peugeot. Or not steal! P.S. Bring it back!”

Instagram / realtinytrumpet

A few days passed, but Needham refused to take the sign down. Then, her doorbell started ringing.


First, two men came to Needham’s door with an older, kid’s bike with them. “Are you the one who got your bike stolen?” one man asked. “I had that happen to me as well, and I had this bike lying around, so I figured you might be able to use it.” Although Needham couldn’t use the bike for her commute, she accepted the mens’ generous offer. A few days later, an older woman came to Needham’s door asking what kind of bicycle she needed. If she found one, she would bring it to Needham. Needham was thankful for the woman’s offer but said she was using a bike share until she could buy a new bike for herself. Next, an art dealer came to Needham’s door offering to buy the sign for, you guessed it, $200. Needham accepted the offer and gave the man her sign. She then took the kid’s bike the first two men had given her to her local bike shop and decided to pay it forward.

Instagram / courtcycles

Needham told JoAnne Nicolosi, owner and mechanic of Court Cycles since 1987, her story. Then the two decided to team up and give back to their community and #KarmaCycle was born.

Restored Faith In Humanity

In exchange for fixing the bike, Needham set Nicolosi up with Instagram and Twitter accounts to spread the message of #KarmaCycle. Any local resident who followed Nicolosi and commented on her post explaining who needs a free bike and why would be entered into a giveaway for the bike the two men had graciously given Needham.

Check out the news clip below to hear Needham’s story firsthand.

Who knew an unfortunate bike theft could actually strengthen a community?

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