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Message In A Bottle Washed Up On New Jersey Shore Remains A Mystery

One bright sunny day in New Jersey, the local beach patrol saw something shiny laying on the sand. One of the lifeguards went to investigate and discovered it was a sealed bottle with a letter inside. Excited with his find, the lifeguard brought the bottle back to the other lifeguards to open it.

A Beach Patrol In New Jersey

Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol is an organization of lifeguards in Harvey Cedars, New Jersey. They move up and down the beach, keeping a lookout and making beach fun safe for locals and tourists alike.

Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol: Instagram

When they were patrolling the beaches on this particular summer day, they never dreamed of finding a mysterious bottle with a message inside. Like anyone, they were excited to see what the letter said. Was someone stranded on a deserted island in need of their help?

A Message Adds To The Mystery

When the lifeguard found the bottle, it was heavily wrapped with a watertight seal around the cork, to ensure the message’s integrity. They peeled through the layers of protection, popped the cork, and slid the rolled up paper from the wine bottle.

Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol: Instagram

Her name was Amanda, and she was from Springfield. She wrote about her life, like a journal entry, and signed the letter with her name and email address. There was no call for help, just a girl reaching out to an unknown recipient to share a piece of her life.

A Search For Amanda

The email address for Amanda didn’t work, and the lifeguards didn’t know which Springfield Amanda was writing from, but they hoped to find out. The Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol reached out on their social media pages, both Instagram and Facebook. They messaged back to Amanda, letting her know they found her message.

Harvey Cedars Beach Patrol: Instagram

Just another exciting day on the beaches of New Jersey. It’s not often you find a message in a bottle floating in the ocean, and the lifeguards of the beach patrol hope they solve the mystery of Amanda. Who knows, she may read their message and show up right on the Jersey shore. That would be something.

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