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One Man’s Message Transformed Thousands Of Lives, And Will Inspire You Today

We live in a world where we are constantly connected. We can talk to anyone with the click of a button, whether through Facebook, Instagram, or text message.

It seems this would deter anyone from social isolation, but sometimes this constant interaction has the opposite effect.

Depression Is A Worldwide Issue

An estimated 40 million Americans are living with some sort of mental health condition, and this number only skyrockets internationally.

Celebrities and others in the public eye have come forward with their stories, taking mental health off of the back burner and putting it back at the forefront of worldwide issues.

One man from Denmark named Patrick Cakirli has struggled all of his life with mental health issues. He grew up in orphanages and was recently left by his girlfriend of six years after finding out she cheated on him. He was at the end of his rope, unable to cope with life’s challenges and his sense of hopelessness.

Cakirli decided to post on Jodel in December of last year. This app is similar to Yik Yak—  a social media app that allows you to post and interact with people around you.

“I am desperate to meet new friends. I’m lonely and going through the hardest period of my life. I’ll sit on the stairs in front of the town hall from 2 pm to 8 pm. I have black pants and a North Face bag on,” Cakirli wrote in desperation.

He wasn’t expecting anyone to respond or meet up with him. He was entirely wrong.

A Group Of People Greeted The Young Man

Not long after Cakirli posted his plea for some company, he was surrounded by at least 13 strangers who wanted to help him out.

“Many of them confided in me throughout the evening and told me that they too had felt the heart-wrenching pain of loneliness, but were too afraid of reaching out because of the stigma,” he stated.

His Jodel post went viral in Denmark, and Cakirli was invited to numerous radio and talk shows to share his story.

Cakirli decided to speak about the rising loneliness rates in Denmark, and he had no idea his openness about his isolation would make such an impact.

This Young Man Decided To Make A Difference

Cakirli founded a free, peer-to-peer network where those suffering from loneliness could find someone to talk to.

The young man decided to take his work a step further — literally — and five months later he organized a relay for the cause.

Cakirli organized a 10-day walk from Copenhagen to Aarhus in the name of his cause. Over 70 people showed up to walk with Cakirli or help in some way, making it a massive success.

This relay walk caught the attention of the media, spreading his cause far and wide.

Almost a year later, Cakirli is still making great strides against loneliness.

“I’ve dropped out of my school as a programmer to chase this crazy dream of mine and it has been the best decision of my life,” Cakirli revealed.

No one needs to walk through life alone, and this young man aims to change how we view loneliness.

“Loneliness should not be a taboo in modern society,” he stated. Share to help end the stigma — there’s always someone willing to listen!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved