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Mice Family Lives it Up in ‘Custom Log Cabins’ Made By Photographer

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Attractive to some and repulsive to others, mice typically don’t receive a warm welcome on people’s property. When Simon Dell discovered a lone mouse hanging out in his yard, he decided to build it a home. Once more mice showed up, the nature photographer ended up creating a fanciful, pint-sized village. The results are worth taking a look and may make you smile from an overdose of cuteness. The grateful mice seemed more than happy to provide the photographer with plenty of camera-worthy moments.

One Tiny Visitor

While caring for his backyard, unsuspecting photographer Simon Dell didn’t realize how much one mouse would soon change his life. Wondering around the grounds of Dell’s UK home, the mouse was given the name George. Worried that lurking predators nearby would readily turn George into a snack, Dell had a bright idea. He constructed a Hobbit-inspired, wooden cabin that looked straight out of The Shire, but it was the right size for George.

George seemed to like his new digs. The mouse would happily run in and out of the cabin’s doorways and nibbled on food left behind by Simon. Dell made sure to erect a fence to keep predators out and buy George some time if he needed a quick escape. It wasn’t long before Simon started adding whimsical additions like a post box for mail, little tables, chairs, and shrubbery. The photographer’s garden was the perfect space to undergo a fascinating transformation.

A Small Village Emerges

Animals value small acts of kindness from humans, and George must have spread the word to his friends. As time passed, Simon realized George was receiving visitors, so the log cabin village had room for expansion. Dell got to work of creating more log pile houses for the new residents of the mouse village. Soon, the nature photographer’s backyard seemed more reminiscent of a Beatrix Potter tale. Simon’s creative undertaking paid off for his rodent residents in the garden of his home. Predators like birds and cats left the mice in the tiny village alone, and the mice lived in relative peace and security.

The mice would scamper about playfully, make use of the furniture, and give the village a magical ambiance. Simon’s finishing touches on the cabins, replete with moss coverings, straw, and creature comforts were a hit with its residents. Once the press got wind about Mr. Dell’s exploits involving his new whiskered friends, it went viral. George the mouse, his friends, and the log pile cabins made a debut in the Daily Mail and People Magazine NY. Online, Dell’s Twitter feed had one post which fetched 61 likes and 10 retweets.

Photogenic Opportunities

Mice are perhaps more intelligent than humans may think. Looking at photos of the mice residing in Simon’s garden, it seems that the mice know when to strike a pose. Mr. Dell added props like a camera on a tripod, clothing lines, motorcycles, and even small weight sets. Using a zoom lens, to not disturb the mice in action, Simon has captured his subjects using the props.

It is yet to be discovered how many more mice will come to Simon’s fairy-like village in his garden. Simon’s pet project with George and the other village residents has plenty of potential to carry on for years. Online social media, Simon keeps everyone updated with photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Fans of the magical mouse village can show their support with a purchase of t-shirts, tote bags, and other swag online RedBubble. In a world that could always use another dose of good news, the kindness of one man is sure to spread happiness, joy, and smiles for all.

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