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How Much Did This Microsoft Ad From Get Right About It’s Prediction On The World In 2019?

While many people in the past imagined that the 21st century would be made up of levitating scooters and other futuristic pieces of technology, that reality is still pretty far ahead of us. And a 2009 advertisement from Microsoft dreamed of an incredible 2019, which we have yet to achieve!

Theories Of The Future

Ever since the first piece of technology sputtered to life, humanity has theorized what marvels that the future of electronics, gadgets, and gizmos would bring. From flying cars to casual jetpacks, chatter about the expansive possibilities has been happening for decades of evolving technology. But who better to predict the future of technology than one of the top wizards of it themselves?

Microsoft is one of the most phenomenal tech companies in the world, producing billions of dollars worth of content each year. They’ve substantially contributed to the expansion of technology. The empowered company doesn’t often make mistakes or slip up. However, their statement on futuristic tech in 2009 shows that they weren’t quite sure what would become of technological inventions in 2019.

Racing To Create

Truthfully, most companies like to race to the finish line with their predictions about the future of their trade. When it comes to technology, brands such as Dell, Apple, and more have fought for years to achieve their own impossible standards…and also imagine where they might be headed. Still, Microsoft may have slightly overshot the capabilities of human beings across the course of a decade.

It’s nice to dream big, right? However, it would probably take a team of wizards to whip up some of the epic tech featured in this old Microsoft ad. Hey, we’ve got to admire their optimism! And yet, their dreams for 2019 were just a smidge off from the reality we’ve got now. The fact that they open with a real-time conversation between two different language speakers that seems to be translated out of thin-air is pretty incredible!

Microsoft’s Incredible Dream Of 2019

Microsoft’s advertisement nearly lines up with the futuristic dreamland of the Jetsons. From shiny, see-through smartphones to augmented reality, they set up a pretty sweet image for 2019. I mean, a translucent, touch-screen desktop? Smartboards that work at your command? Their predictions weren’t so wildly out there, but they’re still pretty epic. Much of the featured inventions look like something straight out of a sci-fi film!

Some of the special products have been produced by a number of tech companies, such as voice-activated technology and larger, touch-powered monitors, yet many are still waiting to be created. Honestly, it’s a little disappointing that these products are mainly cinematic. Wouldn’t translucent screens be cool? Or intense, interactive, Harry-Potter-style newsletters? We’d probably all like a taste of the future that Microsoft promised.

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