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Late Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Vowed Give $30 Million To The Seattle Homeless

Even after his passing, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, will continue to put his hard earned money to great use. Through his foundation, the billionaire pledged to donate millions of dollars to benefit the homeless community in Seattle.

Serving A Need

Paul passed away on October 15, 2018, from lymphoma at the age of 65. However, before his death, the philanthropist planned to donate $30 million to create housing for 94 homeless and low-income families in Seattle.

The donation falls under Paul’s own organization, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. It covers design and construction over a facility to house these families, which local nonprofit Mercy Housing Northwest will run. Seattle’s mayor, Ed Murray, also announced that the city would give an additional $5 million to the project.

Making A Plan

Plans for an eight-story complex are underway. Half of the units in the building will go to homeless families, while the other will go to low-income families of three. The president of Mercy Housing, Bill Rumpf, also shared that the facility will provide resources and services for residents, including child care and educational programs.

The plans for this new building come at a much needed time. Working-class families in the area are struggling to keep up with the cost of living, which undoubtedly contributes to the homelessness in the city. This complex will be a great resource and refuge for those who need it most.

A Heart For People

This project is one of many funded through Paul’s foundation. He consistently used his money to help others, even developing programs focused on education, science, and the arts. Even though he’s gone, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation continues to work tirelessly to assist those in need just like Paul would have wanted.

This complex in Seattle is a part of Paul’s legacy. Though it will take a few years to complete, once the building is up and running, it will positively impact not only residents but others who may need the resources the facilities provide. And it’s all thanks to Paul’s generosity and selflessness. May he rest in peace.

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