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Miracle Cure May Be On The Way For Late-Stage Breast Cancer

Cancer is a disease that affects 38.4% of the American population. For that reason, this is a story that may hit close to home. To stop one woman’s suffering, doctors found a way to eradicate her breast cancer. The treatment itself is innovative. What you won’t believe, though, is what this woman did after it was all over. She really is a warrior!

The Failure Of Chemotherapy

Judy Perkins was suffering from breast cancer. As time went on, her condition deteriorated. A tumor pressing on a nerve significantly lowered her quality of life. Chemotherapy was failing and the tumor spread to her liver. She had three years to live. That’s when her doctors came up with an idea that would save her life.

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The Miracle Cure

Judy’s doctors used her own immune cells against the cancer. Doctors worked hard in a lab to multiply the cells Judy already had fighting. They then injected her with the best cells to fight her specific mutation. It gave her body a better chance of beating the tumor on its own. This isn’t the first time a therapy like this was used. However, this is a groundbreaking case.

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A World-First In Treatment

This was the first time this treatment was used in the late stages of breast cancer. Because Judy’s tumor was so wide-spread, this was the last effort. The remarkable results give doctors hope for advancement. This could change the way cancer is treated. You won’t believe what Judy did when she found out.

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An Epic Survival Story

Due to this treatment, Judy’s body was completely rid of cancer cells. It has remained this way for two years. That is a true miracle. Since the cancer had spread to her liver, her chances of survival were slim. Only 27% of breast cancer patients survive that stage after five years. It’s amazing what she was able to do after treatment. It’s a feat in and of itself.

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The Hike That Changed Everything

Before the treatment, Judy had quit her job and made a bucket list. Now, she has to go back to her normal life. She isn’t letting that stop her from being adventurous, though. Soon after the eradication, she went on a 40-mile hike! She really is a miraculous woman with an amazing story to tell.

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