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The Miraculous Story Duchess, The Smiling Cat

Meet Duchess, a beautiful cat that has been given the nickname “The Miracle Cat.” Duchess, an adorable white kitten, was tragically hit by a car last year and was immediately rushed to a Texas animal hospital for emergency care. After being hit, she was in pretty bad shape. Her jaw was broken, and she was bruised and battered. Instead of giving up on her, though, the doctors at the Adobe Animal Hospital decided that they’d try to help Duchess with a tricky operation. Read the kitten’s incredible story after the jump!

1. Duchess was lucky enough to have doctors that would wholeheartedly attempt to save her.

It was lucky for Duchess that the doctors even attempted to save her. In most cases, she would have been euthanized and that would have been the end of it. Instead, Dr. Meyer, Duchess’ doctor at the Adobe Animal Hospital, didn’t give up hope and decided an attempt at repairing Duchess’ jaw was necessary. It took a difficult surgery – and a month’s worth of recovery afterward – but Duchess survived. With the help of feeding tubes and lots of medicine, Duchess improved! Crystal Tate, a worker at the animal hospital, loved Duchess so much she adopted her and continues to give this blue-eyed cat the care she needs.


She was in very bad shape before receiving treatment, and other doctors would have probably euthanised her!

2. Against some difficult odds, the doctors took a chance and attempted to save Duchess’ life.


It wasn’t an easy surgery, and recovery was just as hard, but it worked!

3. In order to save Duchess, her teeth had to be removed completely.


This means that she needs extra help when it comes to feeding, but the effort is definitely worth it!

4. Luckily, it was a successful procedure. Duchess now has the cutest smile!


Duchess looks so happy to be alive and on the road to recovery!

5. Duchess now has a loving and supportive owner and is living in a happy home.


We’re so happy Duchess’ story had a happy ending! She’s such a trooper!

Source: TheChive

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