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‘Model’ Dressed In Spoof Ensembles Takes London Fashion Week By Storm

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Outside of ready-to-wear collections, the latest fashions on the catwalk often border on the extreme and bizarre. Friends Zac Alsop and Jamie Rawsthorne, of the popular YouTube channel, The Zac and Jay Show, decided to confirm their suspicions during London Fashion Week. The duo successfully managed to fool professionals with a friend dressed in their innovative haute couture. After gathering some items from a budget store, even professional fashion photographers couldn’t spot a ruse. Look out London, model “Maximillian Bucharest” was ready to take London Fashion Week by storm!

Trash To Treasure

It’s incredible that seasoned professionals couldn’t spot the difference between high-fashion menswear and an outfit cleverly scrapped together with budget-store items. Excellent packaging and confidence go a long way, and a group of friends had a charismatic partner in crime to trick the fashion world with their believed hype.

Zac and Jay share a YouTube channel with over 251k subscribers, and they were convinced they could fool the fashion world with some thrown together ensembles. Max Fosh, a friend of Zac and Jay, was willing to be a good sport and play “model” for the hilarious prank.

Model Material

As Max strutted his stuff outside of London Fashion Week, photographers snapped away while asking, “Who are you wearing today Max?” As a clever nod to Zac and Jay, Max wore a pair of glasses with an oversize Z and a J dangling in front of his face.

In another candid moment, Max showed up wearing a plastic bag around his neck, pink gloves, a fuzzy pink top paired with pink trousers, and a shiny metallic handbag. Photographers commented, “Looking great.” as Max impressively performed as a model.

Strike A Pose

Online Reddit, users reacted to the wonderfully pulled off prank. PowerPooka said, “Yesssssssssss I love it.” Another user online Reddit, heavywaflezombie chimed in, ” I loved that they picked latex gloves to be ridiculous and turns out that’s the next big trend lol.”

ASOS, a fast fashion company, was so impressed by Max’s outfit that they created a similar look complete with the ironic touches. Everyone involved in the prank had a lot of fun, and Zac and Jay zinged the fashion world, with no harm, no foul.

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