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Mom Bad Mouths Construction Worker In Front Of Her Child Until He Speaks Up

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A mom and her daughter happened to be in a grocery store when they saw a man who looked pretty rough. Instead of showing kindness, the mom decided to comment rudely on the man’s appearance. Little did she know that she and her kid would learn a big lesson: never judge a book by its cover!

Bumping Into A Stranger

The unnamed mom and daughter were food shopping when they noticed Andy Ross, a construction worker. Andy was just minding his business, doing a little shopping before heading home. He saw the little girl staring at him, but he didn’t really pay attention. That was, until, the girl’s mom made a snide remark.

Judgmental Mom

See, Andy had just gotten off of work. After a long day in the field, he wasn’t the cleanest. He even had some dirt on his face. The mom saw him too, and Andy overheard her tell the little girl: “That is why you need to stay in school.” Andy was completely shocked!

Taking A Stand

Andy could’ve just walked away, but he simply couldn’t ignore the comment. He decided to speak up to teach this mom an important lesson. No, Andy didn’t yell at the woman, especially since she was with her daughter. However, he showed just how much of an upstanding guy he really is!

Looking Beyond The Cover

Andy explained to the mother and daughter that he is actually very educated–– he holds a college degree! He even served in the military as a special operations medic. Though he works in construction, he also co-owns an outdoors company. And he actually chose to work in construction because he enjoys the work. He’s a kind man with a family of his own. But, above all, he’s a human being! So it was a major teaching moment…

Lesson Learned

Andy, who shared the entire story on Facebook, ended the conversation with a firm statement. “Have a good day, and try not to judge people before you know anything about them,” he said. The entire encounter was a major lesson for both the little girl and her mother, who honestly should’ve known better. Hopefully, his story reminds more people to approach others with kindness, not judgment.

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