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Mom Sends Her Autistic Boy To School With A Tape Recorder And Gets Proof Of Teacher Bullying

When Milissa Davis noticed major changes in her son, Camden, after transferring to a new school, she contacted the teacher. When she didn’t get anywhere with the teacher, she contacted the principal. When that didn’t work, Milissa did the only thing she could think of. She put a tape recorder in her autistic son’s backpack to find out what was really going on. The result cost two people their jobs.

A Happy Son

Camden Davis, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is a happy and loving boy, who happens to have severe autism. That’s why his mom, Milissa, researched a good school to send him to — one that would understand his condition and allow her boy to thrive.

Bored Panda

Soon after, he started to attend Hope Academy. But as the family would soon find out, this place wasn’t exactly a good fit, to say the least.

Getting Proof

Shortly after enrolling, Camden was showing signs of aggression and started wetting the bed, two things that signal distress for people on the spectrum. Since Camden’s severe autism makes it difficult for him to communicate, he couldn’t tell Milissa exactly what was going on. So, she contacted the teachers at the school to get the answers she was looking for. They ignored her. She contacted the principal of the school and was ignored by her as well.

Spy Equipment UK

That’s when Milissa got determined to find out what was going on with her son. She bought a recorder and put it in Camden’s backpack to take to the school with him. She had to get answers.

The Result

When Camden got home that day with the tape recorder, Milissa couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Two teachers were bullying her son. In disbelief and shock, she contacted the principal of the school, only to be blown off again. Milissa immediately pulled her son out of Hope Academy and posted the recording on social media.

Milissa Davis

She was not going to let this happen to another child. The recording was picked up by several news sources, and the support for Camden came pouring in from everywhere. The two teachers involved in the mistreatment of Camden were fired from the academy, and Camden is now in a school where he can truly thrive.

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