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This Mom Initially Didn’t Vaccinate Her Son, Now She’s Warning Against Anti-Vaxing

The 21st century has seen the rise of a new group of parents: anti-vaxxers. But one mother is hoping that a frightening video of her extremely ill son will turn people away from refusing to vaccinate their kids.

A Distressed Mother’s Plea

When Jessica Boren had her third child, she decided against getting him vaccinated due to a number of anti-vaxxer warnings she had read in the previous months. Unfortunately, at five weeks, her son contracted whooping cough. She shared a frightening, heartbreaking video on Facebook of her son in the hospital to warn other mothers against not getting their children vaccinated.

Jessica Leigh Boren/Facebook

“This is not bashing the ‘anti-vax’ community…This is to show the consequences of not vaccinating my child correctly,” she shared. Thankfully, her son has made a full recovery since. However, she hopes the troubling footage will influence the decisions of other parents, particularly anti-vaxxers.

The Controversy Of Anti-Vaxxers

In recent years, the issue of whether or not to get a child vaccinated has grown increasingly more controversial. The view of a group called ‘anti-vaxxers’ is that parents should not get their children vaccinated against illnesses such as measles or the flu. But what harm do they believe that potentially life-saving vaccines could do?


According to anti-vaxxers, vaccinations can cause more harm than good. They believe that vaccinations are likely to cause a child to develop autism. They also believe that they are an unnecessary expense for Big Pharma to benefit. While a number of their theories have been disproven, they’ve still managed to spread their message and influence new mothers substantially. Unfortunately, it’s had some severe repercussions.

The Frightening Return Of A Dangerous Illness

In recent years, a number of childhood illnesses are making frightening comebacks. This includes whooping cough: a potentially deadly illness that causes coughing and whooping that drastically hinders the repository system. Statistically, the illness was nearly eradicated after the original vaccine came out. But the 21st century has seen a frightening rise in new cases. It may be owed in part to the movement against vaccinations, but no matter where the fault lies, one thing is for certain: whooping cough is back, and it’s more dangerous than ever.


The prevalence of the illness, which affects around 50,000 people yearly, makes it extremely important to get infants vaccinated. Boren truly hopes her video will sway parents to get their children shots to prevent this terrifying illness. “Praying no other mom or dad ever have to witness their child endure this,” she posted. “This is why you SHOULD vaccinate & protect your children.”

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