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Mom Lauds Teen Boy Who Saved Her Daughter From Humiliation When She Got Her Period On School Bus

Every woman remembers the first time she has a period. For many, it’s an embarrassing experience. However, such a reality was spare one unnamed girl who had her first period while sitting on the school bus. Luckily, she had someone to help her— one of her classmates who would stop at nothing to make sure she was okay.

Bad Way To End The Day

The young middle school student was riding home on the school bus after a long day. She was unaware she had started her period and her pants were stained. Luckily, someone helped her, but it wasn’t who you would expect.


A boy one year older than her pulled the girl aside and quietly told her about the stain on the back of her pants. Of course, she was embarrassed, but she also didn’t know what to do. Luckily, her hero knew exactly what she needed.

“I Have Sisters”

The boy quickly gave her his sweater to tie around her waist to cover the stain, so no one would notice as she walked off the bus. At first, the girl told him she was okay, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


The boy insisted on helping her. He told her, “I have sisters. It’s all good!” The girl finally accepted his kind offer and later told her mother about the incident.

Raising Him Right

The girl’s mother shared the heartwarming story on Facebook. It quickly spread and was shared on other social media websites, including Reddit and Imgur. The mother was grateful the young boy was present to help her daughter. But she was more surprised at his kindness. She wrote to the boy’s mother:


This girl won’t forget about her first period, and hopefully about the kind boy who helped her.

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