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Clever Mom Outsmarts Thief Into Giving Up Her Stolen Bike

Most people would be furious upon learning they had one of their belongings stolen, especially if it is something as useful and valuable as a bike. And rightfully so. But instead of dwelling on her anger, one woman recently decided to get strategic in her response.

London Mom Has Bike Stolen

When Sharron Jenson learned that her bike — which cost almost $1,000 — was robbed from her street, she did what anyone would do; she called the police. Unfortunately, they weren’t much help, deciding to dismiss the case due to insufficient evidence.

The 44-year-old mom came across an ad for her bicycle online only days after it was taken.

Woman Goes Undercover To Catch Culprit

After telling the police about the ad — which included the suspect’s name, location, and phone number — Jenson said they advised her to contact him, but only to buy time until they “could see if someone could go with [her] to get it.” Unfortunately, that help never came. The authorities didn’t find the personal information posted to be enough to investigate.

But Jenson wasn’t ready to let the thief get away that easily. Instead, she used a new sim card to message the seller and arrange a time to take the bike for a test ride.

Jenson Successfully Gets Bike Back

Upon meeting up with the man, Jenson said she was repeatedly asked to go in his house — requests she wisely declined. Jenson then asked the thief to test-drive the bike, which he allowed. She said she remembers thinking how risky her actions were, but also knew she needed to seize the opportunity. She explained that once she got to the corner, she thought ‘It’s now or never.’”

The brave mother picked up speed and eventually realized the man wasn’t trailing her, so she continued on. Later, the thief texted and called Jenson, insisting she returns the bike. Fortunately, after informing the man she was the rightful owner of the bike and hanging up, Jenson ended up getting the last laugh.

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