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This Mom Is Changing The Face Of Beauty With Photo Shoots For Children With Disabilities

Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be a model. Maria Jordan MacKeigan of Tucson, Arizona, is organizing photo shoots for young aspiring models with disabilities, and it was all inspired by her four-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome. The photos are so adorable, we’ll be hiring the models for every photo shoot.

Aspiring To Be A Model

MacKeigan’s four-year-old daughter, Jordan Grace, has always wanted to be a model. Her mother told that her daughter absolutely loves the camera. She’s a social young girl and loves to be around people.

“She loves to talk to people, and she loves to play with kids,” MacKeigan remarked.

Society Wants Perfection

Because her daughter loves the camera, MacKeigan decided to schedule an appointment at a headshot clinic. However, when the mother-and-daughter pair arrived at the photography studio, they were soon disappointed. Every other child looked “perfect,” according to societal standards. No one looked like her daughter, and that’s when MacKeigan decided to host her own headshot clinic.

Changing The Face Of Beauty

Not everyone is perfect, and that’s what MacKeigan wanted people to realize. She partnered with the nonprofit organization, Changing the Face of Beauty, and hosted her own headshot clinic for children with any disability. Children came and had their photo taken to then send to advertising and modeling agencies.

Seeing People Just Like Her

It was important for MacKeigan to show her daughter that other children are just like her. Many children have disabilities and deserve inclusion, not discrimination because of their appearance.

“The main idea is for people to be okay and see people like her [Jordan Grace] in commercials and TV and normalize that people who have disabilities can be approached. They need to be included, as well,” MacKeigan commented.

Normalizing Downs Syndrome

When MacKeigan was pregnant with Jordan Grace, doctors warned her about the way society would treat her daughter, telling her she would be a burden to society.

Thanks to MacKeigan’s efforts, however, people are beginning to normalize Down Syndrome and other disabilities. More than a hundred companies have pledged to include models with disabilities in their advertising. MacKeigan is excited and hopes no one will set limits on people with disabilities ever again.

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