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Why This Mom Is Proud Of Her 15-Year-Old For Getting A Tattoo

Getting something permanently inked onto your body is a significant, mature decision. This is why most tattoo artists won’t ink anyone under 18, and those that do need parental permission. This mother allowed her 15-year-old to get a tattoo—and the reason why goes far beyond vanity.

The Loss Of A Hero

When Diane Register lost her husband, Chad, to pancreatic cancer, it wasn’t just a loss for Diane. He was an active member of his community and served as an officer on their police force. Still, while his loss devastated the force and those who viewed Chad as a hero, it hit their children the hardest.

After Chad’s passing, Diane still had two beautiful daughters to raise, and they were crushed by the grief they felt over their father’s death. They were by his side as cancer took his life, and were forced to mature quickly as a result of caring for him. Soon after his passing, her oldest daughter wanted to invest in a way to permanently carry her dad’s legacy with her.

Finding A Way To Grieve

Not long after the loss of Chad, Diane’s eldest, who was then 22, set out to get a tattoo in memory of her father. She decided to get his police badge number, 149, in Roman numerals. Diane was touched by the gesture, yet she was faced with a new challenge when a couple years later her 15-year-old, Kaitlin, wanted to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

When Kaitlin told her that she wanted to get the same tattoo on the inside of her foot, Diane didn’t have to think it over for too long. Though Kaitlin was nearly three years younger than the recommended age, Diane recognized that it wasn’t some pointless, momentary impulse tattoo she wanted. It was a way for her to grieve and memorialize her dad. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed with Diane’s decision.

Battling The Backlash

Kaitlin did go on to get the heartfelt tattoo, but some people still judged Diane for allowing her young daughter to get inked. Some people believed that she was giving into the emotional whims of a child in grief. Her response? That her children would have to live with that grief unconditionally, and that in her maturity, Kaitlin could honor her dad “however she wants to.”

Despite some hate, Diane says that most have been supportive of how they “have chosen to honor” Chad. Diane also invested in a touching tattoo for her late husband: one of his final EKGs in the hospital. Ultimately, the family doesn’t regret a single bit of ink in memory of their hero.

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