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Mom Shares Hilarious Ways Her Kids’ School Has Finally Got Fundraising Right

An Alabama mom was ecstatic to see that her kids’ high school was taking a different stance on fundraising. With a bold and hilarious letter, the school offered another way for parents to help out during the upcoming school year.

Back To School

Briana Leggett Woods has two children that attend Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama. As she got them ready for the school year, she knew that it would be another demanding year. Between work, school shopping, helping with homework, and volunteering at Auburn, Briana would soon have a lot on her plate. Many parents would be in the same boat.

Facebook / Briana Leggett Woods

Thankfully, this year, Auburn was offering a little reprieve. Briana was surprised to get a funny but honest letter from the school about her volunteer options this year. It looked like she was finally going to be let off the hook.

Keeping It Real

The letter from Auburn’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gave all parents the choice to “opt out” from school fundraising. “Don’t want to sell anything, bake anything, buy anything or generall avoid fundraising of ANY kind? We feel the same way!!” the letter read.

Facebook / Briana Leggett Woods

There was a catch though. Parents would have to make a monetary donation in some way. They had three options. For $15, parents would be added to the email list for PTO volunteers. For $25, they would admit that they “are so busy (or lazy),” that they wouldn’t have responded to any phone calls, emails, or sign-up genius lists all year,” opting out of volunteering. And for $50 or more, the school would forget their names and faces all together!

Going Viral

Briana cracked up. She later posted the funny letter on her Facebook page. “Where has this been the past 11 years of school life with my kids?!?” she captioned the picture. Briana, like several other parents, took the easy way out, thanking Auburn’s PTO for the laugh and the option to not volunteer this year. The post quickly went viral, with scores of other parents getting a kick out of the letter.


Emmy Sorrells, president of Auburn’s PTO, got the idea from other schools with the similar idea. “The gist is the same everywhere. Parents are overworked, overextended, and just plain over being asked to sell something every time they turn around,” she admitted. The idea seems to be a hit with parents so far and still achieves its goal, as it raises money to help the school. Seems like a win-win!

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