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Sweet Mom’s Dorm Room Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong

Watching your child go off to college can be confusing. You’re so proud of them for going, but you miss them instantly. You look forward to every holiday when they can come home. Deanna Pilling took an extra step for her college student, McKenna. She went to visit her.

End Of The Semester

McKenna Pilling was just finishing up her first semester at Utah State University. Her whole family was ecstatic about McKenna coming home for a bit before the next semester started. Since college homework is a pain, McKenna hadn’t had time to pack her dorm by the time the semester ended.


A Plan Is Hatched!

Deanna wasn’t going to wait! She figured it would be a great surprise to come see her daughter on campus and help her pack up. Since she had already visited McKenna to help her settle in, Deanna was confident she would be familiar enough with the campus to find McKenna’s room without a problem.

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Missing McKenna

The campus was a buzz of activity. Everyone was packing up and the whole campus seemed to have changed! Deanna recognized a few of McKenna’s friends and said hi to a few of them before finding McKenna’s room. Since McKenna wasn’t there, Deanna just let herself in.

McKenna Pilling


The room was almost entirely packed up so Deanna didn’t have much to do. Just sitting around the room started to make her sleepy but sleeping would ruin the surprise Deanna had worked so hard to create. Instead, she just laid on the bed and took a selfie! She texted it to her daughter and asked where she was.


Everything Goes Wrong

Her daughter instantly started to panic. Deanna was in the wrong room!! McKenna thought it was funny and found her mom quickly. Deanna was super embarrassed, but she had only been in the room down the hall from the room she was looking for. The owner of the room Deanna had been in thought it was hilarious! After McKenna posted the selfie on Twitter, both of them became an internet sensation!

McKenna Pilling

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