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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Mom’s Face Swap Of Her Baby And Thomas The Tank Engine, And We Can’t Handle It

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Have you ever used the face-swap feature on Snapchat? If so, you’ll know that the crazy results can keep you laughing for hours. One Japanese mom tried out the fun photo editing trend with her son and Thomas Tank Engines and the outcome will simultaneously scare you and make you crack up. Find out why this mom’s face swap of her baby and Thomas the Tank Engine will give you nightmares.

Swap In The Name Of Love

On March 27, 2019, Twitter user @tabisuru_ayaka made face-swap history by posting the creepiest picture of her son ever. She lovingly swapped his face with that of Thomas the Tank Engine. She replaced her sweet little boy’s face with Thomas’ soulless eyes and evil smile. Then, she gave Thomas the cute, chubby face of a Japanese toddler. The effect has terrified and tickled Twitter users everywhere. Maybe that’s why she added the Japanese hashtag that translates to #shockingparentingphotos.

Face To Face

The viral post gained quickly gained almost 126,000 likes and 45,000 retweets. It’s also inspired parents around the world to swap their own child’s face with Thomas the Tank Engine. Some social media users compared them to some pretty frightening horror characters, such as Jigsaw of the Grudge. Meanwhile, other people likened it to the image of the equally hair-raising Momo challenge game.

The Nightmare Continues

Ironically, @tabisuru_ayaka’s post isn’t the first time that a parent has swapped their kid’s faces with something insane. In fact, grownups have switched their poor child’s face with just about everything, including animals, people, and even inanimate objects. For example, one creative dad exchanged his daughter’s face with the knobs on the kitchen stove. Looks like for now, the face-swap nightmare continues…

Social media response has been off the wall!

Twitter user @bleed0106 teased, “It’s time to pull this out.”

Twitter user @dekakin_john joked, “My son and the twins.”

Twitter user @audydamarap jested, “i see no different”

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