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This Mom’s Happy Marriage Hack? Lots Of First Dates

For a lot of couples, marriage can become boring and mundane after many years together. Couples fall into patterns and routines and often fail to keep up with the romance. One mom discovered how to keep her marriage fresh and exciting and is sharing a secret that any couple can benefit from.

A Secret For A Happy Marriage

Kristina Kuzmic of Truth Bomb Mom usually shares all her secrets about being a mom, but recently she’s shared a major secret about marriage.

Falling Into A Routine

After years of marriage, many couples can end up falling into a routine and out of love. If you add kids to the mix, it’s even easier to miss out on quality time together.

The Problem

Kristina noticed this problem in her very own marriage and decided to come up with a way to inject some much-needed spark back into things.

Coming Up With An Idea

Kristina and her husband had been on countless dates in the past, but she came up with an innovative way to bring back the magic despite them already being a married couple.

Advice For Couples

The key to a happy marriage, according to Kristina, is actually very simple. It doesn’t require a lot of work or money, but instead, it’s going on a lot of “first dates”.

A Happy Marriage

The idea of going on a first date with your spouse seems impossible, but Kristina explains exactly what that means. It all starts with her husband Phillip sending Kristina a text as if they had just met. “Hey this is Phillip. I had a great time meeting you the other night and would love to take you out,” a message might read. Aside from that, they don’t discuss the date or the plans.

An Interesting Concept

When date night arrives, Kristina’s husband will ring the doorbell and “pick her up” for their date. They get ready separately and even take off their rings. Then they go to a place they’ve never been before. “You want everything to feel new,” Kristina says.

The Date

Instead of talking about their kids, bills, and other topics that a married couple might talk about, Kristina and her husband talk about other subjects and ask each other questions they might ask someone during a first date. They keep their conversation focused on getting to know each other on a deeper level. “Every single time we do this, I learn something new about him and he learns something new about me,” she says.

Helping Keep Love Alive

They try to go on these first dates a couple times a year to keep their marriage fresh. Her advice is for other couples to try it out and see what kind of improvement in their marriage.

The Results

After realizing she might be on to something with her new secret to a happy marriage, Kristina decided to share her advice with the world in a video in hopes that other couples might find it helpful. Let us know what you think!

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