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Moms Hilariously Respond To ‘How Do I Microwave a Turkey?’ Prank

The #TurkeyChallenge has gone viral and left mothers upset, confused, and afraid for their children’s futures. While it’s unknown how the challenge started, countless people are asking their moms, “How long do I cook a 25 lb. turkey in the microwave?” See screenshots of how their mom’s respond.

Where’s The Baking Bag?

One mom wasn’t sure what her child was trying to accomplish, but was standing by to help. Carlos pretended his dad wasn’t letting him use the oven and sent her a photo of a raw turkey in the microwave. Her advice: “Don’t get sick!”

Some other moms were a bit more doubtful.


Don’t Get Married

This mom skeptically repied, “You can’t be serious?” when Sarah asked about cooking a turkey for Friendsgiving. Not to let her daughter off the hook, she told her, “Don’t ever get married.” She was still mistrustful of the scheme and asked followup questions about the images Sarah sent over.

The next mom on the list took her response to from dubious to horrified.


You’ll Be Dead

Dorothy told her mother she was cooking a full turkey, not just a turkey breast, in the microwave. With a resounding, “Nooooo,” her mom tried to convince her that she was making a death-tempting mistake. She insisted she does not serve an undercooked turkey to anyone. From death-defying to outright unconfident, this next response is emphatic.


You Should Be In Charge Of Napkins

Russell tried to prank his sister Holly, only for her to say, “Why in the hell would they assign you the turkey”? She knew him only too well and insisted that his friends don’t know him and he should have been in charge of the napkins or wine instead. Not to be outdone, this next response reads guilt trip.


I’m Leaving To Take Grandpa To The Doctor

You’re officially an imposition is the message behind King J’s mom’s response to his questionable microwaving of turkey. She says she’s taking grandpa to the doctor and he’s officially stressing her out. Undissuaded, King J still thinks asking your mom about microwaving a turkey is the highlight of the season.


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