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The Internet Can’t Get Over This Mom’s Letter ‘From Santa’ About Parents Who Work On Christmas

Christmas is a time that should be spent with loved ones and those we care about. However, not everyone can spend Christmas morning opening presents together. Stephanie Lynn, a mother, and wife realized this when her husband would have to work Christmas morning. Instead of explaining the sad news to her kids, she let Santa do it for her.

Santa’s Touching Letter

When Lynn found out her husband had to work on Chrismas, the mother came up with a brilliant idea to help her family celebrate Christmas together. Just not on Christmas morning.


In a letter she penned to her children then shared over social media, Lynn explained that some parents need to work on Christmas to keep us safe and make sure we are healthy. In her letter, Stephanie explains how Santa and his helpers can still deliver the joy of Christmas.

Special Christmas Exceptions

Santa wrote in his letter that for Families of first responders, military members, and other exceptions, he and his elves go out of their way to deliver presents in the days before and after Christmas. From the twenty-third to the twenty-seventh of December, Santa will be giving gifts to those who can not spend Christmas morning together.


“Always remember, Christmas isn’t about a box on the calendar, but the feeling we keep in our hearts,” Santa writes. “Thank you for being such great children, and sharing your moms and dads with us all when we need them the most.” Stephanie wrote

Outpour Of Support

Stephanie’s letter was well received over social media, acquiring 42,000 shares so far and over 7,100 likes. Her message is speaking truth to the hundreds of families struggling to balance work on Christmas.

ABC 13

Lynn has since created various versions catered to specific cases as well as general use. Her personal experience is now helping families all across the world to celebrate Christmas the way it was supposed to be, together.

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