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Curious Monkeys Save The Life Of A Fierce Predator

Macaques are curious little monkeys, so when they find something unusual they naturally go to check it out. This particular sunny morning, the macaques heard a cry from down inside a large-mouthed well. They ran over to see what was wrong.

A Macaque Alarm

At first, only a few of the monkeys went to investigate the well, then a few more, and a few more. Before long, dozens of macaques were peering down the well and talking wildly to one another. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and they wanted to tell everyone.


Their chattering caught the attention of some men nearby, who wondered what the fuss was all about.

Attracting Local Attention

The Indian men climbed up on the roof of a house to get a better look, but they were too far away. Living around macaques all their lives, they knew the monkeys were trying to tell them something.


A few of the men climbed off the roof and headed over to the well. When they looked inside, they saw two glowing eyes staring back at them.

An Unlikely Rescue

A leopard had been crossing through the village the night before when he happened upon the well opening. Losing his footing, he fell in and was unable to get out. The leopard was weak from the struggle and hungry from the night without food.


The local men were determined to get the poor cat out, so they set the ladder, fastened a rope, and pulled the leopard out of the well to safety. As soon as the leopard’s feet hit the ground, he took off running for home.

Maybe the leopard will think twice before his next meal and skip on the macaques. After all, they did save his life.

Watch the rescue unfold.

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