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These Have To Be The Most Awesome Parents Ever

We all have those days where we feel like the world is ending. Luckily for these kids, their parents may just be the most wonderful human beings ever. Take note, one day you’ll get to be the awesome parents that make your kid’s day 100 times better with these undeniable acts of pure love.

At-Home Blockbuster

You may want to get your tissues! Many people were bummed that Blockbuster was closing, but for those with autism, a change in routine can be absolutely devastating. This autistic young man was so upset that the chain was closing, that his parents sought to rectify the situation by making a mini-Blockbuster at home!


Breakups Suck

Whether you’re 14 or 40, breakups are the worst. Dads, show your daughters how valued they are, especially when scummy boys don’t know it! This young lady had her heart broken so her dad got her a giant cookie cake on the same day with the words “You’re Still My #1. Love, Dad.” Bravo, dad!


It’s The Little Things

There doesn’t need to be a catastrophic event in order to make your kids day a little bit better. It can be something as simple as a pet pic. Granted, this pet photo is gold. Emily’s mom and dad were at a motorcycle rally when they spotted the cutest biker chihuahua in this puppy carrier! It’s safe to say, it made her day and ours.


Gifs Of Encouragement

It’s hard when you feel like you might disappoint your parents. But it’s important for your parental units to remind you that they love you, even when you’re not doing your best. When her son texted her that he didn’t do too well at school, this A+ mama reminded him that there are worse things and babies are adorable!


A Parent’s Love Is Unconditional

Now this one will really start the waterworks. There are tons of horror stories of sons and daughters not being accepted for who they truly are. But this father lets us know there really is hope in the world. After overhearing his son’s phone conversation about coming out, this dad wrote a simple yet powerful letter letting him know he had nothing to fear. Sniff!


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