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These Countries Are Considered Home To The Most Beautiful Women In The World



Russian model Olya Abromovich

25. Canada – Known to be compassionate, independent, and outgoing, Canadian women are exceptionally diverse, and quite often bilingual. With two Miss Universe wins backing up their claims, these beautiful women prove that not everything is cold up in the Great North.

beautiful women canada canadian


24. Argentina – Thanks in large to a wave of immigration to the country in the 19th and 20th century, Argentinians are widely thought to embody a perfect union of European chic and Latin charm. Considered passionate and often edgy, they’re sometimes called the Parisians of South America.

argentinian argentina beautiful women


23. Mexico – When you think of Mexican women, chances are, you think of someone who’s always the life of the party. Like the country’s greater population, Mexican ladies run the palette of ethnicities, and seem to often have a zest for life that’s just irresistible.



22. South Korea – Appearance and style are key to Korean women, so it’s no wonder K-Beauty has become a huge sensation in the cosmetics and skincare world. Korean women tend to enjoy being bright and colorful, and are know to like to stand out from the crowd.

korean south korea beautiful women


21. Trinidad & Tobago – With two Miss Universe and one Miss World wins under their belt, Trinidadian women have proven their islands are a force to be reckoned with. With mainly African and/or South Asian roots, you can expect to see them feathered out and flaunting their beauty during their famous annual Carnival.



20. Lebanon – With Mediterranean tones, Lebanese women are thought to possess a charm that’s utterly irresistible. What’s more, they’re highly likely to speak a variety of languages. By others, they’re considered to be cosmopolitan, well-educated, and fun-loving, as well as being inescapably beautiful.

lebanese lebanon beautiful women


19. Israel – Ask someone to describe Israeli women, and they’ll probably tell you they’re bold, confident, and gorgeous enough to stop traffic. Many of them serve in the military, so chances are, they can kick your butt. Israeli women have a tendency to being assertive, and typically love enjoying the outdoors.

israeli women israel beautiful women


18. The United Kingdom – Miraculously, despite the famously unpleasant weather of their country, British women are often praised for their effortless, natural looks, with a wicked sense of humor. After more than half a century of immigration from South Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa, British women are more diverse in their standards of beauty than ever before.

british english uk britain beautiful women


17. Australia – Growing up in a country as wild as Australia is bound to make its women tough, with practical skills to boot, and a down-to-earth style that’s always refreshing. Blessed with plenty of Vitamin D, these dame from Down Under also have a penchant for adventures in the great outdoors their land has to offer.

australian australia ozzy aussie beautiful women


16. Denmark – Among the Nordic women, Danish women are often described as being the most hedonistic. They’re renowned as the most liberal ladies of the North, and are known to have traits descending from the Viking roots of the countries nearby.

denmark danish beautiful women


15. Norway – Commonly with icy blue or green eyes and instantly recognizable Nordic features, Norwegian women almost always rank on lists of the world’s most beautiful. They’re known to be the most no-nonsense of the Scandinavians, as though they’ve inherited their attitude from the craggy rock fjords and jaw-dropping natural beauty of their land.

norway norwegian beautiful women


14. Kenya – Kenyans, both men and women, are known for their tall and lean body types. Kenyan women are usually described as remarkably authentic and straightforward. They are often brilliantly polite, and they come from a culture that’s not shy with showing a lovely smile.

kenya kenyan beautiful women


13. France – French women have always been ahead of the curve, setting the standard for what female beauty can be. They tend to have a very come-as-you-are attitude towards their look. Though chic, they generally aren’t flashy and aren’t afraid to show some imperfections, and that makes them all the more beautiful.

france french beautiful women


12. Russia – It must be hard to look and stay beautiful despite all that cold weather, but Russian women have not only been able to succeed — they’ve elevated it to an art. Considered to have sharp cheekbones and symmetric features, they are known to take their outfits and makeup very seriously.

Russian model Olya Abromovich


11. Italy – Italian women continue to set the bar for what glamor and sex appeal look like the world over. Culturally hospitable but able to hold their own ground, these beautiful women range from the blondes of the Alps to the deep Mediterranean tones of Sicily.

italy italian beautiful women


10. South Africa – The women of the Rainbow Nation are known for finding the perfect balance between having a certain ferocity tempered with incredible manners. You can expect them to be passionate about expressing their roots, with a deep love for their family and community, as well as their country and the wildlife it contains.

south africa african beautiful women


9. Philippines – What do you get at the crossroads of East Asian and Pacific Islander, with some Spanish thrown in the mix? You get a tropical nation known for having some of the most kind-hearted and beautiful women anywhere.



8. India – India is filled with incredibly diverse women whose striking beauty is only highlighted by the incredibly bright colors and jewelry they often choose to wear. They know how to hold themselves with an elegance that has won the country five Miss World titles and one Miss Universe title.

india indian beautiful women


7. USA – As one of the largest countries on Earth with one of the most diverse populations, American women are bound to stand out above the crowd. Thought of as opinionated, fun-loving, and outspoken, there’s a reason many a song has been dedicated to the female flyers of the red, white, and blue.

united states america usa americans beautiful women


6. Netherlands – Quite often found to be just as brutally honest as they are gorgeous, Dutch women seem to be able to find the balance between their more progressive world outlooks with a more conservative look. Unlike other Northern European women, these oft-tall and fair beauties frequently like to wear their hair short.

dutch holland netherlands beautiful women


5. Sweden – It’s said that after centuries of raiding lands, the Vikings took home with them only the most beautiful women they could find. Their descendants, today’s Swedish women, are well-renowned for being tall, with striking blue eyes and long, fair hair. What’s more, Swedish women tend to be able to tan.

swedish sweden beautiful women


4. Colombia – From the Andes Mountains to the Caribbean coast, there are so many different regions in Colombia, each with its own culture, but one thing rings true across the country: Colombia is known to be home to some of the most beautiful women on Earth. Just don’t start an argument with them as to where the origins of arepas are from.

colombia colombian beautiful women


3. Ukraine – Ukraine routinely top lists of the world’s most beautiful women. Hailing from the land known as Europe’s breadbasket because of its vast fields, Ukraine’s women are known as an asset in and of themselves.



2. Brazil – Famous for the rapid rhythm of their Carnaval, or the swaying sounds of samba, the melting pot of Brazilian women are renowned for their particular appreciation and flaunting of their figures. That confidence they commonly exude just boosts their appearance as some of the world’s most beautiful women.



1. Venezuela – With a stunning seven Miss Universe wins and six Miss World wins, the statistics just don’t lie. Like neighboring Colombia, Venezuelans typically descend from Spanish, Native Amerindian, Syrian/Lebanese, and/or African roots. All that diversity and mixing has led to some seriously drop-dead gorgeous genetics.



Honorable Mention #10. Morocco – Known as the artists of society, Moroccan women are the epitome of life and color, often decorating their hands and feet with henna and painting their faces with saffron. What’s more, the vibrant women are famous for crafting and embroidering clothes, scarves, and head coverings so gorgeous, each piece could be framed.



Honorable Mention #9. Germany – If you cannot pronounce the words Sauerkraut and kitsch, do you even have a say? Known for being straightforward, orderly, and punctual, German women are true patriots, especially when it comes to supporting their soccer team. They might like to keep things neat and tidy, but Germans certainly know how to have fun.



Honorable Mention #8. Japan – Kimonos, matcha, Hello Kitty, and all cute things aside, Japanese women are petite, poised, and yet fiercely independent and brave. Japanese women are also generally super healthy, so it’s no wonder that the life expectancy of Japanese women is the longest of any gender in the world at 87 years.



Honorable Mention #7. Turkey – Turkish women are renowned as being excellent cooks and homemakers, but there is so much more to them than that. Commonly known for being brunette with dark wavy hair and deep, striking eyes, women from Turkey are compassionate, kind, and cultural.



Honorable Mention #6. Jamaica – The first thing that comes to mind about Jamaica is the tropical, warm sun, but the best part about the country is its warm-hearted women who possess wicked dancing skills, love to eat healthy, and thrive on respect and tolerance. But remember, they run on island time, taking things at a calm and collected pace.



Honorable Mention #5. Croatia – It’s no secret that these Balkan women are known to be one of the most beautiful nationalities in the world. Croatian women are well-groomed with striking facial features and olive skin. But they are not just pretty faces; Croatians have a rich general knowledge and learn several foreign languages.



Honorable Mention #4. Bulgaria – Bulgarian women are fit, healthy, and outdoorsy, thanks to the countryside terrain and the forests that cover a third of the country. It’s no wonder that their women are described to be like roses when 85% of the word’s rose oil is produced in Bulgaria.



Honorable Mention #3. Peru – Powerful and passionate about fighting for their rights, Peruvian women are strong and independent, and it shows on the outside with their striking features. Peruvian women pride themselves on grooming and health, and their secret ingredient to energy and youth is the super food maca, known as the Peruvian ginseng.



Honorable Mention #2. Ghana – Elegance and grace eloquently define the Ghanaian women, who are known for their smooth skin texture and complexion. The Ewe and Hausa tribes stand out the most because of their exquisite facial features. Women from Ghana pride themselves on being cultured, respectful, and well-mannered.



Honorable Mention #1. Switzerland – Don’t even try get into argument about chocolate or cheese, as the Swiss women know a thing or two about the best types in the world. In saying that, these outdoorsy women love to have a good laugh, can beat you at skiing, and can teach you four languages, namely French, German, Italian, and Romansh.



Sources: WorldAtlasRanker

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