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5 Of The Most Epic Celebrity Photobombs That’ll Have You In Tears

Surprise! Your favorite celebrity jumped into your picture. Their goofy smile is right there next to you and your friends or family. Nothing could be funnier than when a celebrity finds their way into your photo. Here is a list of the top five that made us smile the most.

Queen Elizabeth: Rarest Photobomb

Every week, hundreds of paparazzi fall all over themselves to snap just the right picture of England’s Queen Elizabeth II. These tourists didn’t have to do that. They just snapped their picture to see her in it, smiling away with glee. The Queen looked like she was having a great time surprising two of her fans.

Bored Panda/Jaydetaylor

Zach Braff: NYC Wedding Photobomb

Its the textbook New York City wedding street photo. The dress is perfect. The groom is handsome and the bride is glowing. The taxicab is even positioned perfectly. Finally, the happy couple kisses for the photo and… Scrubs actor Zach Braff makes his appearance. While wedding photobombs can be pretty common, this one was particularly hilarious. The smile on Braff’s face says it all.

Bored Panda/saschareinking

Tom Hanks: Nap Photobomb

This tired guy must have been having a rough day, or night, and Tom Hanks took full advantage of it. He gave him a moment to (kind of) remember forever. We can’t imagine what it must have been like to wake up later, look through the pictures on your phone, and find this image.


Celebrities Photobomb Each Other Too

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie prides herself on being put together at all times — especially in photographs. Perhaps that’s why she is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. This time, fellow celebrities Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman had other ideas for her photo. They joined the picture in one of the most hilarious ways possible. Great job, guys!


Justin Bieber: Eager Photobomb

Apparently, Justin Bieber is really excited to be part of this photo— though he barely made it in. Before they split, Russell Brand and Katy Perry were photographed sitting together at a function. They appear to be the epitome of edgy Hollywood glamor. Bieber’s eager appearance only amps up the energy of the shot.


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