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These Are The Most Expensive Foods You Simply Can’t Afford

danish donuts fish weird expensive foods

We all dream of what we would do if we suddenly win the lottery, or if we strike it rich big time. And beyond the dream home, traveling, and of course giving to charity, we can always fantasize about chowing down on some seriously expensive foods. These jaw-dropping dishes are among the world’s priciest, chock full of rare, exciting, and devilishly sinful ingredients. Some are even so rare that they have to be ordered weeks in advance. So make sure you read this on a full stomach to avoid being tempted to burn away your wallet in search of these delicacies. Get ready to be absolutely dazzled by these glimpses of life in the lap of luxury.

1. Dazzling Donut

Believe it or not, underneath all the pageantry of truly expensive foods, a simple donut is just minding its own business and wondering how on Earth it got this Beyoncé headdress. After all, this is from the very same Krispy Kreme we all know and love.

fancy donut krispy kreme expensive foods gold

Krispy Kreme

Debuted at Selfridge’s in London, there’s tasty secrets underneath the astonishing 24-karat gold leaf covering this $1,682 donut. It’s covered in passionfruit-raspberry syrup, 2002 Dom Perignon, and — wait for it — Courvoisier cognac that’s hundreds of years old. And it’s studded with gold-dusted diamonds of Belgian white chocolate.

2. Creature With Antenna

Yes, those weird stalks jutting out of it are quite distracting, but believe it or not, this is not some strange being found on a faraway planet. It is, however, in a category of its own among the world’s expensive foods.

lobster frittata expensive foods

Behold the most expensive omelette, served at Norma’s Restaurant in New York City. Costing a whopping $650, the chicken eggs it’s made from are just the beginning. It’s smothered with a pile of lobster meat and caviar from the American sturgeon.

3. Tastier Than Food Trucks?

We all love a good taco: they’re easy to transport, flavorful, and contain many textures. And it’s not just the flakes of gold that make the world’s most expensive taco cost a terrifying $25,000. This meal is a smorgasbord of expensive foods, packaged in one corn tortilla shell.

Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort

The taco holds pricey Kobe beef, Almas caviar, brie cheese from black truffle mushrooms, scampi lobster, tequila, and chili. But tacking on to that price tag is the civet coffee! This rare brew is made when a Southeast Asian cat-like civet eats and digests the coffee beans, breaking them down.

4. Snobburger

This $666 mad creation is called the “douche burger”, and the people who make it and serve it from their New York City food truck want you to know that by eating it, you’re super fancy and snooty. They have good reason to stand by that.

expensive foods burger


Kobe beef is very expensive, and on top of it is literally everything that says opulence: lobster, caviar, foie gras, truffle mushrooms, imported Gruyère cheese, barbecue sauce made from civet coffee. Did we mention the cheese is melted using the steam from boiling champagne?

5. Bite-Sized Riches

No trip to Paris is complete without a stop at the Ladurée bakery on the iconic Champs-Élysées, for high tea with your choice of macarons. Getting a table there might take awhile, and the little pastries are pricey, but none compare to these ones in particular.


Macarons already melt in your mouth, and so does the luxurious ingredient that’s coating this extra special batch: gold leaf. They don’t keep too long, so time isn’t your only foe if you want to take a loved one a box of these delights. Each one costs $100.

If you thought nothing could beat some luxurious gold leaf macarons, prepare yourselves for the next few expensive foods!

6. Savor Every Bite

We know how quickly you can power through a set of sushi rolls, but this is one roll that demands you to truly enjoy every split second. At $1,800, it’s so expensive that it’s even in the Guinness Book of World Records. And it’s not the fish’s fault.

saffron sushi expensive foods


The Norwegian pink salmon in the rolls is indeed a delicacy, but even the foie gras and crab aren’t the priciest pieces of these wraps. No to seaweed, but yes to gold leaf paper. Along with rare saffron strands, there are pearls and diamonds carefully placed on the rolls!

7. Literally Too Good To Eat

Wondering why this elaborate marzipan-glazed fruitcake took six months to design, and why it’s so insanely, appallingly expensive? It’s not too hard to guess. What, you assumed those 223 sparkling stones all over it are fake? Think again, because they’re not necessarily edible.

diamond fruitcake expensive foods

This exquisite fruitcake is one of the most expensive foods on the planet. Those are diamonds, and there’s a 5-carat one in the shape of a heart to top things off. You have to wonder who commissioned it, and how the chef found such riches in the first place.

8. Head-Scratcher

So you find yourself strolling around in lovely Copenhagen, Denmark. You decide to swing by Noma restaurant to sample the finest in local cuisine. Then, at meal’s end, you stumble across this wacky dessert — and yes, it is a dessert food.

danish donuts fish expensive foods gross

Æbleskiver are traditionally served in Denmark at Christmastime, but here, the dessert is not filled with the usual stewed apples. Instead, there’s pickles, and these itsy bitsy fishies. Each meal costs $296, which begs the question: would you spend your money to try them?

9. Decadent Dessert

Start saving up if you want to savor this morsel — and not just because you’ll need a plane ticket to Sri Lanka. This colorful dessert is served at a seaside resort in the South Asian island country. But the chocolate fisherman on stilts isn’t what tips the scales.

sri lanka dessert expensive foods


Sure, the Irish cream-soaked Italian cassata contains gold leaf, there’s a champagne sabayon and a pomegranate-mango compote on the side. The detail here that really hikes the price is a real, 80-carat aquamarine jewel that you can take with you. The price of this sweet treat is $14,500.

10. Pizza Of The Sea

It’s the pizza so expensive and so lavish that it just had to bear the name of a French monarch. Called the Louis XIII Pizza, you can find this and other tremendously expensive foods at Renato Viola in Salerno, Italy.

The name stems from the cognac and champagne served with the pizza. Its toppings on the buffalo mozzarella cheese bed include different types of caviar, and a crustacean party. Who’s attending? Prawns, lobsters, and mantis shrimp, oh my! Additionally, it can be made on-site, at your home.

11. Bird Saliva, Anyone?

Before you shake your head in disgust at the thought of eating a soup whose chief ingredient is, well, bird spit, remember that this is considered the utmost delicacy in Chinese cuisine. It contains the nests of swallows, which they build with saliva.

swallow nest soup chinese china expensive foods

So what makes this soup join the list of expensive foods? Behind the scenes of preparing it, there’s a huge risk factor. Swallows make their nests on cliff faces, and climbing them to pick the nests off is very, very dangerous. The soup costs $3,000 per kilogram.

12. Best Netflix And Chill Ever

Common complaints about popcorn: it wasn’t salty enough, it was burnt, it was drowning in butter. Rarely does someone get upset because their popcorn just isn’t fabulous enough. Luckily for those fancy few with a fat checkbook, here’s the answer: gold popcorn.

golden popcorn gold expensive foods


It’s salty, it’s sweet, it’s dazzling. This popcorn is covered with sugar, bourbon vanilla, and the finest butter from Vermont dairies. But what really kicks it up a notch is its liberal dusting of gold flakes. For this crunchy treat, be ready to shell out $100 a quart.

13. Seafood Bonanza

The Bombay Brasserie boasts that it’s London’s best Indian restaurant. But count your pennies and skip over the dal and the lamb. This seafood dish is where it’s at, and it’s easily one of the most expensive foods you can find in the British capital.

samundari khazana lobster expensive foods

This is called Samundari Khazana (“seafood treasure”) curry, and at $3,500 it does not disappoint. Living up to its name’s expectations, it’s a mix of crab, Beluga caviar, abalone, quail eggs, and white truffle mushrooms. And that’s not butter sauce on the lobster: it’s pure gold.

14. Strange Meat

No, these drumsticks have not been charred black by the oven they were roasted in. The breed of chicken they came from, called the Ayam Cemani, is naturally black all over: feathers, wattle, comb, skin, and innards. And that makes them uniquely appealing.

black chicken skin expensive foods indonesia

If you want to try this other other dark meat, you’ll likely have to fly to Indonesia. This breed of chicken is scarcely seen outside of Indonesia, and it doesn’t get exported to most countries for fear of spreading bird flu. Still willing to spend over $200 for a taste?

15. Easy Like Sundae Morning

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: the ice cream sundae so fabulous, so wonderfully decadent and ridiculous that it has even managed to land its own Wikipedia page. This New York luxury will set you back a pretty $1,000. Any guesses why?

golden opulence sundae expensive foods

Its ice cream comes from only the finest Tahitian vanilla beans. After that comes chocolate syrup from Amedei Porcelana — the most expensive chocolate in the world. Then it’s decorated with candied fruit, gold-coated almonds, and just plain gold leaf, for the heck of it.

Continue reading for even more mindbogglingly expensive foods. Your wallet will hide away in shame!

16. Truly A Hot, Hot Dog

For this Seattle delicacy, you will have to know you want it way ahead of time. In fact, you will have to order it at least two weeks before you plan on savoring its flavors! What makes this hot dog come out to $169?

hot dog wagyu beef expensive foods

Tokyo Dog

Yes, the hot dog itself is adorned with Wagyu beef, but there’s so many more ingredients joining the party in your mouth. No pickle relish to be seen here: instead, there’s truffles, foie gras, and caviar. You can feel good knowing all proceeds go to the American Red Cross.

17. Surf And Turf

The staff at the Australian restaurant serving this masterpiece have been kind enough to provide a recipe. But even knowing about the tempting tasty contents of this savory pie is not enough to shake off the price tag accompanying it, to the tune of $12,000 Australian dollars.

surf turf pie lobster wagyu beef expensive foods


In with the vegetables of the mix are dried porcini mushrooms and rare truffles, along with two bottles of Australia’s prized Penfolds Grange Reserve wine. Two different types of beef are accompanied by two rock lobsters harvested from West Australia. And who can ignore the gold leaf on top?

18. Pizza, James Pizza

Seriously though, how does one keep all these incredible toppings from plopping off the pizza slice as you raise it to your lips, hungry to savor one of the world’s most expensive foods? Literally, everything on it is a symbol of royal wealth.

pizza royale james bond scotland expensive foods

This eyeful is called the Pizza Royale 007, and you can find it at Bella Napoli in Scotland. The Scottish caviar has been soaked in (what else?) Dom Perignon champagne. There’s Scottish smoked salmon, cognac lobster, slivers of deer and prosciutto. No chili flakes here — that’s gold instead.

19. Hold The Lox

Having a bagel with shmear on the morning commute is a time-honored New York City tradition. It’s become an essential part of the city’s fabric. But even if prices just aren’t what they used to be, would you be prepared to shell out $1,000 for this breakfast?

gold flakes bagel rich expensive foods

That may look like regular cream cheese, but it’s infused with that classic of expensive foods, truffle mushrooms. There are blobs of jelly made from Riesling wine grapes and goji berry, as well as (of course) gold flakes. The good news? Sales go to cooking school scholarships.

20. Mindblowing Burger

How do you feel about forking over $5,000 for a hamburger? If you’re living it up in Sin City itself, Las Vegas, and you happen to find yourself in Mandalay Bay, then seek out the Fleur restaurant, and this beauty could be yours.

burger expensive foods


The fact that Wagyu beef is rare enough to be synonymous with expensive foods is just the beginning. The burger is slathered with extra pricey slices of black truffles and foie gras. Feeling thirsty? Why not order the 1995 Chateau Petrus? It only costs $2,500.

21. Glamorous Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the ultimate food to snarf down when you’re feeling particularly lazy. They’re so simple to make, they’re practically a no-brainer. Just remember to watch the toaster so you don’t burn the house down. But with this grilled cheese, you will burn your wallet.

gold grilled cheese sandwich expensive foods


Rarely do grilled cheese sandwiches get garnish, until you understand what you’re dealing with. This monster, from Serendipity 3 in New York City, is made of champagne-dough French bread, butter made from white truffles, caciocavallo podolico cheese from a rare cow breed, and naturally, gold flakes.

22. Take The Gun

Clemenza might want to give his words a second thought, because this is by no means your average cannoli. But let’s skip the obvious for a moment (because there’s no way to not understand that it’s gilded with solid gold), and talk about this beautiful dessert’s filling.

golden cannoli expensive foods


Made by Jasper’s in Kansas City, Missouri, this cannoli would otherwise just be an extra delicious version of the awesome Italian pastry dessert. Its bottom is soaked in dark chocolate, and it’s filled with sweet lemony ricotta cheese and chocolate. And, why yes, it does cost $26,000.

23. Hamming It Up

It’s no secret that Spain really, truly loves their ham. The capital, Madrid, even has an entire museum dedicated to their culinary hobby. And there’s one particular type of pig that has sacrificed itself to grace the category of expensive foods.

iberian ham expensive foods

Jamón Ibérico comes from a breed of pig that’s bred in Spain, and it’s the most expensive ham in the world, costing about $392 for one dry-cured kilogram. The pigs are fed only acorns, and they graze on massive, specially reserved pastures.

24. Wait, What?

From the amount of cheese we casually consume on a daily basis, whether on pizza or salad or just as a snack, it’s easy to forget just how much art goes into cheesemaking, and just how slim a variety of cheeses we eat. Enter this wildcard: moose cheese.

moose cheese weird food expensive foods


Yes, you read that correctly. There is only one farm producing this rare, highly unusual cheese, in the frigid tundra of northern Sweden. The moose are wild but allow themselves to be milked (honestly!), which takes two hours for each moose. The cheese costs $500 a pound.

25. Bite-Sized Beauty

It’s called the Luxury Zebra Cronut, and it will cost you $1,975. It looks like it might be hard to take a bite out of this deliciously costly London treat without its toppings scattering to and fro, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

cronut donut rich expensive foods

Dum Dum Donutterie

The red blobs on top are dessert caviar, which they make from Cristal rosé champagne caviar powdered with gold leaf. There’s shaving from Tahiti vanilla, and the high-price Amedei Porcelana chocolate. The dough, however, contains secrets: they infuse it with saffron, those elusive flower strands that cost a fortune.

And speaking of saffron, check out these next few eye-popping expensive foods.

26. Mystic Pizza

Julia Roberts, eat your heart out — in fact, Julia Child too. This pizza from New York City’s Industry Kitchen will cost you a hefty $2,000. For starters, would you be able to tell from first glance that the dough is made with squid ink?

Industry Kitchen

To order this pie, you’ll need to call the restaurant a full two days in advance. Topping its stinky Stilton cheese are an assortment of expensive foods, like truffles, dollops of caviar, and foie gras — and, of course, no fancy pizza can be without gold leaves.

27. Not So Simple Strawberries

Few things are more refreshing and pleasurable than a simple bowl of fresh, ruby red strawberries. In fact, this bowl is precisely that: just some ripe fruit, a dollop of cream, mint leaf garnish. Oh wait — there’s also the ring with a 4.7 carat pink diamond.

diamond strawberries expensive foods


Arnaud’s is a fancy eats staple of the celebrated French quarter in New Orleans, home of the decadent and lavish, the wild and glittering. Still, would you order this dish — for $1.4 million? How about if you know that it literally comes to your table accompanied by a jazz band?

28. Phenomenally Fancy Fruit

At first glance, you could wonder who left this melon out in the desert sun for so long that it got a terrible sunburn. But the black-skinned Densuke watermelon actually looks like this — and sources say they are especially sweet.

densuke watermelon expensive foods japan


Vendors sell Densuke watermelons throughout Japan, and they only grow on the north island in the chain, Hokkaido. Just one hundred melons get sold every year. A seventeen-pound one sold in 2008 for $6,100! It makes you wonder how heavenly it is.

29. Making Elves Homeless

Don’t go trekking into your local forest looking for mushrooms unless you are well versed in identifying which ones are tasty and which ones are poisonous. And definitely don’t go with hopes of finding the matsutake mushroom — even if they cost up to $600 per kilogram.

expensive foods mushrooms japan luxury

The Japan Times

Originally only found in Japan, the matsutake mushroom is amazingly rare. Insects and invasive species have decimated their populations. Still, it is just a tad humorous that a fungus has joined the list of expensive foods.  Wonder what they taste like?

30. Proper Posh Pineapple

When you think of England, what first pops to mind? Is it the tea? The history, kings and queens and empires? Is it music, like The Beatles or the Rolling Stones? One thing is for certain: you definitely wouldn’t guess that pineapples grow there.

expensive foods pineapple england

Information World

Slow down before you get too excited. In order to make this tropical fruit flourish in England’s chill requires two full years under manure and horse urine to keep it warm. Each one costs $1,600. They’ve been grown in Cornwall since the days of Queen Victoria.

Sources: Life BuzzThe Independent

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