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Five Of The Most Popular Meme Stars And What They Look Like Now

Memes have become their own form of communication in today’s society. They make us laugh and even question our morals. However, the subjects of these memes are sometimes ridiculed every day. Usually, the subject embraces the humor of it all. Other times, they reject it. Either way, we think they deserve a bit of recognition and redemption. Let’s take a look at what your favorite meme subjects look like in real life.

Disaster Girl

Zoe Roth is known as the disaster girl. A picture was taken of her making a sinister face while a house burned down. This sparked hilarious meme captions, such as “There was a spider in the garage…now it’s gone.” She seems to have embraced her strange fame, though. She recently posted a picture in a similar pose next to a bonfire. Unfortunately, not all meme subjects embrace their fame as Zoe did.

Zoe Roth

Dissatisfied McKayla

When McKayla Maroney came in second at the 2012 Olympics, her dissatisfaction was caught on camera. The way she blatantly pouted probably didn’t help her career. What’s worse is that her photo went viral. Despite that, she did get to meet the president. There’s even a picture of them both making that now-infamous displeased facial expression. At least she made this mistake as an adult. Some meme stars aren’t so lucky.

Brian Snyder/Reuters: Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock

Success Kid

Success Kid is the epitome of meme fame. We have to say, he looks just as adorable today as he did when his meme broke the Internet a few years ago. Now, whenever you want to celebrate something, you simply slap a caption on this kid’s photo. Among our favorites is, “Mom took my nose…I got it back.” His ‘grown up’ do-over really is great. Think that’s great? We saved the best for last.

Sam Griner, Success Kid

Overly Attached Girlfriend

When Laina Walker entered a Justin Bieber cover competition, she had no idea it would be her face that became famous. Someone happened to take a screenshot of a creepy expression she accidentally made. (We’ve all been there.) She was a good sport about it all and continues to embrace her new persona. Although, it hasn’t brought her as much success as a certain kid with terrible luck.


Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian ended up in the meme pool due to a delightfully awkward yearbook photo surfacing online. We have good news for the ladies, though. He is much more attractive in person. Brian has also embraced his embarrassment. He even went as far as wearing a t-shirt with his own meme on it.

Bad Luck Brian

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