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5 Of The Most Powerful Social Ads That Are Trying To Change Our World

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Ever wish that all those pesky ads on Youtube would just go away? While it’s true that most for-profit ads want to dig a hole in your pocket, there are so many public service ads that just want to make a positive impact. Take a look at five meaningful social justice ads that will change your life for the better.

Sleepless In Seattle

This powerful Association of Communication Agencies of Georgia (ACAG) ad campaign urges you not to let insomnia take over your life. Many of us get up in the middle of the night and turn to our phone as a nightlight, so this is a great wake up call. The striking ad received 155 likes on Instagram!

Save The Girls

Breast cancer is a very serious topic, but this One In Nine ad campaign makes light of it while still reminding you to get checked. The craziest part is that it’s even deadlier than all those high-speed chases on TV. Facebook user Brightside reposted the clever ad and got almost 600 shares!

Confirm Humanity

This visually striking Greenpeace ad basically asks you to donate if you’re not a heartless robot. It’s hard to face the impact of the environmental crisis, and most people think they won’t make a difference. Facebook user Ad World Masters shared the striking image and received more than 100 likes and over 50 shares!

Your Amusement, My Life

This World Wildlife Fund (WWF) ad just punches you in the gut with its honesty. It’s tough to enjoy shows like the circus when you know that the animals are being tortured. If this message speaks to you, you can join WWF’s mission. Instagram user @adsoftheworld posted this ad series and received almost 360 likes!

Buckle Up

Lastly, this Belted Survivors ad will make you want to become best friends with your seatbelt. This poor guy wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for his trusty seatbelt. Cars accidents happen every day, and it never hurts to be too careful. Bored Panda posted the photo series to Facebook and raked in almost 45,000 shares!

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