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Mother-Daughter Duo Recreates Celeb Red Carpet Styles With Everyday Materials And It’s Totally Red Carpet Material

Red carpet events are a time for celebrities to show off their style and worth by dressing up in fancy, sometimes very flashy, outfits. While their attire may seem simple at times, the price tag is anything but that. Some red carpet attire can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. However, who says you have to pay a high price for high fashion?

The Fashion Duo

Turkish mother and daughter team Alya and Stefani Chagler love spending time together. Their Instagram contains hundreds of pictures with creative outfits designed by mom Alya, which she uses to dress her daughter. Under the username seasunstefunny, the two have quite a following, attracting quite a crowd for their homemade outfits.


Recently, the mother-daughter duo has been recreating red carpet fashion designs worn by celebrities. Not only are their over forty recreations innovative and smart, but they are also quite adorable. Using everyday household items and art designs by Alya herself, she and her daughter have imitated the styles of everyone from Rita Orta to Jennifer Lopez.

Genius At Work

In an interview with Bored Panda, Alya spoke of how she came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown. She wanted to recreate the dress for her daughter, so she collected some household items and put it together.


The design was a perfect match, inspiring Alya to create her Instagram line “Dress Like A Celebrity” under the #ahStefani hashtag. “It takes around 10-30 minutes to recreate a celebrity’s look, we use nothing more than plastic, paper, tin foil and other materials you can find around the house, and a stapler to stick the pieces together,” she added.

Hundreds Of Possibilities

Not only is Alya loving the fun she’s having with her daughter, but Stefani has fun as well. Her mother says she loves dressing up as celebrities, and would have a hard time choosing the outfit she loves the most. Having dreams to be a fashion designer when she grows up, Stefani is indeed off to a great start.


With hundreds of possibilities and loving support for their fans, mother and daughter team Alya and Stefani may have tapped into a large market here. Wither you come to see the well designed homemade dresses or for the cute poses Stefani strikes with her celebrity look alike, there isn’t much not to love about these handmade fashion designers.

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