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Grieving Mother Hears Late Son’s Voice Again Thanks To Daughter’s Touching Christmas Gift

There are many heartwarming videos you see on social media, but this special video is the icing on the cake. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to gather with friends and family. But what about those who have lost a loved one? The first holiday season without that loved one is incredibly difficult.

Brittany Garcia knew this feeling, having lost her younger brother in October 2018. She knew her parents would have a difficult time celebrating the first Christmas without their son. That’s what led her to buy a special gift for them and it’s one they’ll never forget.

Their First Christmas

Garcia’s younger brother, Sean, passed away in October 2018. She knew her parents would be grieving during the holidays, knowing their son should be with them as they open presents. That’s why she decided to make sure a small piece of her brother would be there for Christmas—in the form of a teddy bear.


Sean was a police officer, so Garcia decided to give her parents a teddy bear (dressed in a police uniform) from Build-a-Bear. At first, Garcia’s mother thought it was only a teddy bear until her daughter told her to squeeze his hand. When she did, she burst into tears.

Hearing His Voice Again

When her mother pressed the teddy bear’s hand, the teddy bear began playing her son’s voice. Garcia had the teddy bear specifically made to play Sean’s voice. He says, “Officer Tanner, about to get no sleep for the first time. I’m feeling good.”

Garcia wrote on Twitter, “My family has a need to hear his voice. It’s not ripping open a wound because our wound hasn’t closed and probably never will.” Every family grieves differently, and this gift is the only way for Garcia’s family to deal with his death.

A Viral Video

Garcia shared on Twitter a video of her mother opening the present on Christmas day. The video has now gone viral, being viewed over six million times. Garcia couldn’t believe the video’s success, but she’s grateful for the love. She said, “The outpouring of love and support is something else, and my family is beyond thankful.”


Whenever the family needs to be comforted by his voice, all they have to do is squeeze the teddy bear’s hand. His voice will be right there with them—no matter what.

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