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How This Mother-Of-Four Made A Career Of Being The ‘Bicycle Whisperer’

You know the expression, “It’s like riding a bicycle!”  Well, for some of us, learning how to ride a bicycle wasn’t exactly a piece of cake. Wouldn’t it have been fantastic if there were an experienced coach available to help? For some lucky kids, there is. In Severna Park, Maryland, Rachel Varn has made a career teaching kids how to ride a bike.

Rolling Into A New Career

Varn has been around bikes and kids. She’s a certified League Cycling instructor and a mother to four.

Baltimore Sun

Inspired by a local swim instructor, Varn decided to leave her position as a salesperson and a franchise developer to teach kids full time. In March of 2018, she founded PedalPower Kids. The rest is bicycling history.

A Niche Market

Nicknamed the “Bike Whispererer,” by students and parents, Varn describes riding a bike as a “learned skill,” versus an innate talent. It’s just not something kids pick up immediately, so it helps to have the support of an experienced guide.

Pedal Power

In this time of busy schedules, parents may not have windows of time to teach their kids how to ride a bike, or they may find that frustrated children respond to an adult not related to them. Varn gained clients through recommendations and word spread through social media outlets. So far, she’s helped over 200 cyclists pedal into greatness.

A Healthy Habit

Varn is inspired by the boost of confidence and independence that children gain from learning how to ride a bike. She’s noticed that parents often gain interest in cycling after seeing their kid excel in the PedalPower Kids program and may incorporate group rides into family activities.

The benefits of helping a child ride a bike, she points out, are endless. Not only does biking combat childhood obesity, but biking connects kids to their communities and encourages self-reliance.

Liv Cycling

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