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This Mother Of Three Pushed Her Kids In A Stroller While Running A Half Marathon, And Broke The World Record

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For Cynthia Arnold and her three children, fitness is a family affair. She and her husband, who often chooses to run to work rather than drive, have always made it a point to keep their children active and enjoying nature. This multiple world record holding mother from Montana has earned another world record for completing a marathon while pushing three children in a stroller. Although Cynthia Arnold was not the first person to push three children in a stroller while running a marathon, she has run a marathon with her children in tow faster than anyone else in recorded history. The story behind this mother with incredible endurance and strength is inspirational.

World Record Mom

As amazing as running a marathon while pushing three children in a stroller may sound, this is not the first time Cynthia Arnold has attempted this kind of feat. Back when she only had two children, she ran a half marathon while pushing both of them in a stroller. In 2018, Cynthia set the world record for the fastest finishing time in a half marathon while pushing three children in a stroller.

In July of 2019, she accomplished an even more amazing goal by pushing all three of her children in a stroller for the entirety of a marathon. Finishing a marathon is a wonderful accomplishment on its own, but Cynthia also earned yet another world record for being the fastest person to complete a full marathon (that’s a little more than 26 miles) while pushing three children in a stroller.

Overcoming Challenges

Although the latest race was not Cynthia’s first time competing with her children, she faced challenges preparing for the marathon. Regardless of the circumstances, graduating from running half marathons to running marathons is a long, difficult process that takes intense preparation and endurance for any athlete. Cynthia’s children have all grown since the last race, which means they are heavier and harder to entertain. The three-seater stroller and Cynthia’s three children combined weighed over 175 pounds. Up until the race, she was not reaching her timing goals when she trained.

As challenging as running the race is for the athlete, children who are pushed in a stroller must remain seated for the duration of the marathon. Cynthia’s three children range in ages from two to seven. It took her a little over three hours to finish the marathon, and parents know that it is hard for a toddler to stay seated for such a long period of time. It takes the average person a minimum of four hours to complete a marathon, so finishing an hour earlier than most while pushing almost 200 pounds worth of weight is amazing. Cynthia told reporters that her oldest child helped make the time pass by reading to her younger siblings as she pushed them.

What’s Next?

Cynthia Arnold has announced to the world that she will not be running any more marathons while pushing her children. She says that this marathon was significantly harder than the other ones she competed in because of the increasing weight of her growing children. While babies do not mind riding in a stroller for several hours, Cynthia’s children are reaching an age will they likely will not enjoy riding in the stroller next year.

With the help of her husband, Cynthia plans to continue making fitness a large part of her children’s lives. She wants them to enjoy nature, and she wants them to see the value in moving around rather than living a sedentary lifestyle. Cynthia Arnold is a remarkable athlete as well as a remarkable mother!

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