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This Little Mouse Outsmarted a Cat in the Most Cunning Way

This mouse managed to avoid the claws of a cat by using his head. Instead of going on a real-life Tom and Jerry chase, the little mouse simply played dead. And it worked!

Going Into Survival Mode

A poor mouse was in danger of being caught and killed by a house cat. Coming dangerously close to his captor, this mouse decided to lie on its back with all four paws up. To the average person, he truly looked dead.

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A few men watching the interaction thought the mouse was dead as well. One man recorded the cat looking at his seemingly fallen prey. Bored with the “dead” mouse, the cat began to walk away. Only then did the men begin to see that this mouse was just trying to survive!

A Genius Move

The smart mouse didn’t stop there. Not only did it play dead, but it didn’t immediately get up to run away. Instead, he lifted his head up a few times to make sure his dangerous enemy was really gone first.

Cat Pics

The guys recording the video noticed the mouse’s slight movements. They joked that the mouse was trying to attempt some sit-ups. “Man, I gotta start workin’ out,” a man said in the video. Nonetheless, they were pretty impressed that this mouse managed to outsmart a cat by playing dead.

A Regular Game Of ‘Possum’

This survival tactic is nothing new for mice and other wild animals, particularly opossums. In fact, the Virginia opossum plays dead as a defense mechanism because it has no other real ways to fight off attackers. That’s where the phrase, “playing possum,” comes from!


Mice play dead when they really have no other choice. Clearly, this mouse was out of options, but his quick thinking saved his life! Watch the mouse’s smart moves below…

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