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Multitasking Dad Does The Incredible While Holding His Newborn At Baseball Game

It was a beautiful day at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies were playing the Dodgers, having a great game. The smell of popcorn and peanuts wafted through the air as the fans cheered on their favorite teams. Among the Phillies fans was a dad who brought his newborn son to the park for his very first ballgame.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Father and son were both wearing Philly colors, listening to the crowd, and soaking up the atmosphere you can only get during a baseball game. They were sitting in the stands in left field, watching the players take their turns at bat. No one had put a score on the board yet, but they were still enjoying their time together.

Ballparks of Baseball

At the bottom of the ninth, Franco stepped into the batter’s box to await his pitch.

Homerun Up For Grabs

The first pitch came from the mound and Crack! The ball sailed from the sweet spot on the bat right out to left field and into the stands. This dad couldn’t believe his luck! His son’s first game and they had a chance to catch a home run ball.


The ball was coming right at dad, as Franco was rounding the bases to make the first run of the night. With barely time to think, he reached up toward to flying ball.

Dad Makes A One-Handed Catch

With his newborn son held firmly by his left arm, the Philly fan caught the ball with his right. It was a once in a lifetime catch that he made while carrying his baby. You could say they caught it together.


That special event in his life will be memorialized for his boy as he grows up, and they’ll always have that moment as father and son.

See the amazing catch for yourself!

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