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These People Found Their Art Doppelgangers In Classic Paintings, And It’s A Masterpiece To Behold

art doppelganger

We’re well-accustomed to hearing the expression that “Life imitates art”. But for some incredibly lucky people out there in the world, they’ve found that quite the opposite is true. In the age of cell phone cameras and face recognition technology, it’s that much easier to find yourself in a museum — and the results can be downright spooky.

Here is a group of extraordinary men and women who have managed to locate and take their picture beside their art doppelgangers. The similarities between subject and real-life model are just too bizarre to be true — but these people look like they’ve just stepped right off the wall.

1. Sitting Pretty

This young lady has managed to find an art doppelganger who so resembles her that it’s absolutely uncanny. From the skin tones to those searching eyes — even the shape and color of their eyebrows is practically identical. But the modern-day lookalike of this painting has managed to master one key life hack that her canvassed twin hadn’t.

art doppelganger


It has been more than a century since William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted The Broken Pitcher with its beautiful, if forlorn subject. The 21st century painting-subject-come-to-life has managed to learn how to finally get rid of those stubborn bags under her eyes. Apparently cucumber masks were few and far between in 1890s France!

2. Hot Under The Collar

There are plenty of people who have managed to find their art doppelganger, or perhaps even a painting of someone wearing similar colors to their own outfit, but this one is so downright spot-on that it’s hard to believe it’s even real. If there’s any pictorial evidence for reincarnation, this is it.

art doppelganger


Whether or not this lucky museum goer had planned to wear a collar that day barely brushes the surface of how perfectly matched he is with his historical twin. They are so shockingly similar that they even have the same hairline and facial hair. If this gentleman was excited to find his long-lost twin, he’s certainly hiding it.

3. Beard Bro

The resurgence of beards as a fashion statement for men has only happened over the past few years, but as we well know, there’s nothing new under the sun. A full bushy face adorned with an Assyrian beard was all the rage back in the late 19th century, helping this bewhiskered gent find his museum doppelganger.

art doppelganger

Even if he’s the spitting image of French impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s portrait of his fellow artist bro Alfred Sisley, he’s definitely outshining his painted twin when it comes to fashion. That well-coiffed pompadour and brown leather jacket are a lot more exciting than Sisley’s rather drab choice of outfits.

4. Androgynous Al

Accordion in tow, the goofy and absurdly creative “Weird Al” Yankovic has been a staple of the world of comedy ever since he first skewered Madonna and Michael Jackson back in the 1980s. So with so much publicity, how is it that it’s taken him so long to locate his art doppelganger?

weird al yankovic art doppelganger


Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci was a visionary in many regards, but how could he have known that centuries later, there would be a polka-dancing music legend who so closely resembles his portrait of St. John the Baptist? Granted, with those soft curves and that careful censoring, who’s to say there isn’t a lady doppelganger out there too?

5. Sheer Perfection

This young lady should probably consider a career in stage acting, film, or modelling, because she’s deftly managed to master a skill that so many of us struggle with: finding her proper lighting. But more than that, she’s done something the rest of us can only dream of, as she’s also found her doppelganger in a classic piece of art.

art doppelganger


If the twin on the left is bursting out of the darkness, her modern upgrade has embraced the interplay of light and dark, and looks decidedly more glamorous. It’s almost like that one picture of yourself that you uploaded to Instagram, before and after putting just the right filter on it.

6. Black Steel

If you thought Ben Stiller had initially coined the pursed-lipped ‘Blue Steel’ look for Zoolander, you’d be about four centuries too late. The subject in the painting of a seasoned veteran of Dutch wars against Spain has taken the conquistador look and jazzed it up. Certainly he’s trying to seem formidable, but he’s ended up just being plain old fabulous.

art doppelganger

Twitter/Ross W. Duffin

Yet even if he had traded in those crazy feathers and the impeccably shiny black armor for a more subdued look, the modern day knight in street clothes couldn’t have come across a more extraordinary art doppelganger. He’s even got that look of coquettish confidence down pat. Wonder if he’ll change his wardrobe now that he sees the possibilities?

7. Pantene Doppelgangers

We wonder what it takes for the man with the mane in foreground to keep that shiny hair luster; incredible amounts of dedication, blow-drying, and copious dollops of conditioner? But if he thought the end result was impressive, it turns out his art doppelganger had beat him to it. Wonder what products the 17th century nobleman in the painting used to keep his long locks sleek so many centuries ago?

inigo art doppelganger


Meet Íñigo Melchor Fernández de Velasco by Spanish Baroque painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo. No, he’s not a character from The Princess Bride, but that name sounds almost more legendary than Íñigo Montoya. While he’s being modest about his awesome hat, check out the gams he’s advertising in those stockings. Should that look be brought back?

8. The Last Ginger Samurai

This guy was just happening through an old photography exhibit and with no forewarning, and randomly stumbled across a picture of himself that he had literally no memory of taking. He claimed it could have been a night of outrageous partying that caused him to raid a local costume shop — but the truth was far more strange.

samurai photograph art doppelganger


Turns out he just managed to find an outstandingly similar copy of himself, an art doppelganger made all the more shocking because it wasn’t just an old oil painting, but a genuine photograph from late 19th century Japan. This is made even more shocking given that this samurai clearly isn’t of Japanese origin.

9. Baby Blues

It’s never too early to start exposing your child to the world of the arts. But when these parents took their intrigued infant out for a stroll around the museum, they got far more than they had bargained for. Even at just a few months of age, this little one already has her own art doppelganger!

art doppelganger baby twin

The size ratio with the painted infant’s canine companion is quite confusing, but more confusing is the illusion that the actual living baby has a twin who’s been trapped in a painting by a witch. Here’s to hoping this extraordinary coincidence will help encourage this child to develop a keen sense of and appreciation for fine art even in her earliest years.

10. Like Fine Wine

This unique art doppelganger reads less like a carbon copy, and more like the best possible case of a before and after makeover. The dude in the painting is not only swamped with a clutter of work around him on his desk, but he looks bleary-eyed and his hair could deal with a good brushing.

art doppelganger


Not so with his 21st century upgrade, who looks cool as a cucumber and not slumped over in exhaustion. And while his fatigued, apparent ancestor seems to be suffering from a case of bird’s nest, this museum enthusiast has learned the important art of grooming, aided with some well-placed gel and a comb.

11. Two Pearls In A Pod

Perhaps it’s not fair to call this an art doppelganger, because this art enthusiast clearly came quite prepared to meet her favorite subject, the world famous Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer. But there is something in the soft simplicity of both of these ladies’ features that brings them that much closer together.

art doppelganger

Twitter/Ariel Adkins

However, we’ve got to give her just a bit of credit. Perhaps she is a huge fan of headwraps and big dangly earrings, and happened to have that same color scheme when she sauntered into the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague, Netherlands? No? Regardless, there’s a special joy in seeing works of art come to life.

12. Nice Codpiece

We’re just going to fly with the assumption that this guy put some intense preparation and research into his art doppelganger before this epic shot was taken. After all, not just anybody has a codpiece lying around in their wardrobe for everyday outings, let alone a bright scarlet one.

art doppelganger

Bored Panda

Interesting that the codpiece was crucial to the look, but those red leggings were apparently just too unseemly to be caught with in public. Meanwhile, those sassy hands are just timeless. The jury’s still out as to whether or not this is a look we’d like to see have a comeback.

13. Don’t Look At Me

Serenity is the name of this art doppelganger’s game. Those peacefully downcast eyes are timeless, and it was only a matter of time before someone with skin so flawless it looks like porcelain would finally stumble across their long-lost lookalike who’s too busy looking at the ground to notice their modern-day mirror image.

art doppelganger

Boredom Therapy

This contemporary twin has seemingly decided to forego the cross in favor of a more agnostic family portrait, but we’d have to admit that the gold and jeweled collar of his clone on the canvass is pretty spectacular, and would definitely accentuate that swooping neckline. But come on, take off that cap, and let those luscious locks fly free!

14. Portrait Of The Young Man As An Artist

He’s the hero of every misunderstood ginger man. The legendary artist Vincent van Gogh wasn’t particularly shy about painting his own portrait from time to time, but it would seem the painter here captured his wild, vivid essence in this burst of color. And this modern-day version of the disturbed Dutchman is totally living for it.

vincent van gogh art doppelganger


Because of this camera angle, it’s unclear whether this 21st century doppelganger has managed to keep both ears intact. This handsome devil in red is like mixing Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family with a little dash of Orange is the New Black‘s Crazy Eyes. Take him out to eat potatoes some starry night.

15. Face/Off

It looks like there’s about to be a twin-versus-twin battle for ownership over their strikingly similar likeness between the two subjects in this photo. The young man on the right was just minding his own business, strolling through an art gallery, when all of a sudden he stumbled across his olden-days twin, trapped menacingly inside a canvas. It’s the showdown to end all showdowns: which twin has the better hair?

art doppelganger


The resemblance is positively startling. Even the bridge of their noses is practically the same. What’s for certain, though, is that the painted version in the portrait looks far more ready for a fight. The angry slopes of those black arched eyebrows mean business. Hopefully his real-life double is ready to defend his honor.

16. Tudor Twins?

King Henry VIII of England’s reputation has endured for centuries, for better or worse. But despite all that, when this jolly young man found his art doppelganger, he was so over the hill with joy that he made the infamous Tudor king suddenly seem that much more cuddly — even if that little teeny cup of wine seems hardly enough for a man of the king’s disposition.

henry viii king of england art doppelganger


Naturally, this meeting between museum twins did not happen by chance, but the amount of detail this costume expert has paid to his 16th-century robes is astounding. Seeing as chances are near nil that he was able to obtain the exact same getup in an everyday costume shop, he clearly made this by hand.

Think that’s wild? We’ve barely begun. Keep reading to find more insane art doppelgangers!

17. Man’s Best Friend

Somewhere through his centuries of time travel, this gallant nobleman doppelganger with his impressively frizzy mop of raven-black hair apparently decided to ditch his faithful canine companion. Thankfully, after having a gander at his art doppelganger, this museum-goer decided to correct the flaws of history, and evolved into being able to smile.

art doppelganger


Whether his mother ever advised him to get a haircut, or if his significant other ever told him to grab a bottle of conditioner, this Jon Snow-Don Giovanni crossover can be confident that not only has his hairstyle been in mode for centuries, it’s also been immortalized in classic art.

18. Locks Of Glory

She was excited enough to have the opportunity to finally stroll through the world-famous art collection at the Louvre Museum in Paris. But then she rounded a corner of the museum’s hallowed halls, and stumbled across the last thing she could have possibly expected: her spitting image on a gilded canvas.

art doppelganger


These two muses basically have the same completion, eyebrows and wry half-smile, and that same rosy glow. You have to wonder whether this woman came into the museum with that one shock of hair perfectly positioned just so. Even if these two don’t have the same dress, that neckline is identical. Suddenly the Mona Lisa seems so much less mysterious by comparison.

19. We Are Not Amused

Up until the last century, the vast majority of subjects in paintings had fairly flat facial expressions, running the gamut from the heights of melodramatic horror to flat affect. But luckily for us art enthusiasts, there are a few old paintings that still manage to convey real human emotions, like this fabulous depiction of scorn.

art doppelganger


The utter shade that this painting subject seems to be throwing, certainly not aided by the fact that he’s accidentally lost a few vegetables from his basket on the way back from market, is breathtaking. But even more impressive is his real-life art doppelganger who’s stumbled across him, broad-brimmed black hat and all.

20. You Slay Me

This guy sure is lucky to have a good sense of humor, albeit a fairly gruesome one. He also has a particularly sharp eye, because to be able to spot this art doppelganger of his requires a much deeper look at this early 17th-century Tuscan interplay of light and shadow.

art doppelganger

Bored Panda

Though his daughter Artemisia remains better known, particularly for being one of the few women in her field at the time, painter Orazio Gentileschi also gained fame for his works, playing with the style of other contemporary artists. Here is the Biblical figure of Judith with her maidservant and the head of Holofernes — who, apparently, bears a striking resemblance to this joker!

21. Poofy Pals

Once upon a time, the hairstyles we see in classical art were thought of as curiosities of the past. But ever since the 1960s, when counterculture became the norm, we’ve seen people in all walks of life letting their freak flag fly and living their best life as they do so.

art doppelganger

Boredom Therapy

This young man has found that his fabulously fluffy crop of hair is, in fact, echoed in fine art, in a chap so debonair and exuding confidence that it’s as though he’s giving approval to his modern-day dead-ringer. Now, he’d best take a cue from his art doppelganger, and get hold of some of those fantastic velvet sleeves.

22. It’s Rude To Stare

In order to best emulate his art doppelganger, this headphoned art appreciator has had to adopt some habits that are making us just a tad uneasy. With or without that old-fashioned friar’s habit, there’s no mistaking the amazing similarities between the two, but then there’s that expression.

art doppelganger

Boredom Therapy

If they had looked related at first glance, that wide-eyed, cold, piercing stare cements the deal — and is downright penetrating. That hawk-like stare that’s watching us pierces right through into the soul. Even if the gentleman on the right doesn’t quite nail that expression quite as accurately, frankly, we’re okay with it.

Was that eerie? Check out these next art doppelgangers: the similarities boggle the mind.

23. We Could Actually Be Royals

This Japanese girl was just on a casual visit to the National Palace Museum in Taipei, when she found how she had looked in a past life. It goes to show that even if the medium was a silk painting, it was still realistic enough to present this modern woman with her art doppelganger.

silk painting art doppelganger

Boredom Therapy

This is a portrait of a Chinese empress from the Yuan Dynasty, established by the descendants of the Mongol hordes over seven hundred years ago. Most impressive are those adorably peachy cheeks that both women possess. Now, it’s her turn to find out how to get that awesomely funky imperial headdress!

24. Cheer Up, Emo Kid

This painted girl of ages past looks less than thrilled to have to continue with her studies, let alone to sit still and have her portrait taken. You can practically hear the artist asking her to look at him, and getting the cold shoulder. Her art doppelganger, meanwhile, seems rather amused.

art doppelganger


What’s truly impressive here is not only the shape of these girls’ faces and their marvelously similar features, but that this forlorn little girl’s modern, more grown-up equivalent even has her hair cut at the exact same length as her gloomy counterpart. Cheer up, little lady: one day they’ll be tweeting about you!

25. Find Your Light

Part of the joy of painting portraits is that they can be as realistic or as fanciful as the artist pleases, as they immortalize their subject on canvas. However close this portrait may be to its original subject can be gauged right before our eyes, because it looks like he’s stepped right out of the frame.

art doppelganger

David Urbon

That placid expression, and that intense side-eye is just all too uncanny. No matter how small that canvas may be is of no matter, because it’s still managed to practically prove to us that time travel really is possible. His true-life twin needs to bring back that awesome hat though — it’s a look sure to turn heads in all the right ways.

Sources: Bored PandaBoredom Therapy

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