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Everything You Never Knew About the Mysterious Cylinder on the End of Your Charger

You may never have thought about the little cylinder on your laptop charger before, but it turns out it’s actually really important. That cylinder is known as the ferrite bead and here’s what it does.

Why This Is So Crucial

Aside from knowing it powers up your laptop, you may not have given too much thought to your charger. Until you forget it at home that is. Then you really think about it. Most days, however, you plug it in, charge your device, and that’s the end.

The cylinder on the end of the cord known as the ferrite bead does a lot more than that.

Located right before the plug-in to your computer, the ferrite bead suppresses high frequencies from electronic circuits. Ferrite beads are also known as EMI filters, blocks, rings and chokes.

To break down the nerd speak, the choker blocks the cord from transmitting and receiving signals.

No One Likes Mixed Signals

Because the small parts inside your computer run on radio frequencies, the bead stops them from interfering with each other. It’s made up of compounds of ceramic,  iron and other metals. Aside from seeing this bead at the end of charging cables, you can also find it on your mouse, keyboard, and other cables.

The ferrite bead is a type of electro inductor that releases high-frequency current and serves as the most powerful device for high-frequency noise compression. The cylinder prevents interference between your electronic devices.  Let’s all give a big thank you to the ferrite bead.

We Would Be Lost Without You

If you’re still unsure what this all means, just know that the cylinder is important and without it, your laptop would be useless.

Now you can think about this fun little fact every time you charge up your laptop. Even better, if it ever comes up on trivia night, you’ve got it covered.

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