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‘Cookies Are Coming:’ Nabisco Announces Special Edition Game of Thrones Oreos

What’s better than the return of our favorite HBO series Game of Thrones? The fact that you can eat Game of Thrones Oreos while you watch it!

An Oreo Alliance Has Been Formed

Yes, a new alliance has been formed and GoT Oreos are coming. Oreo posted a teaser video on Twitter hinting at the collaboration showing Oreo written in GoT style writing with the hashtag #ForTheThrone. The Tweet stated that, “Cookies are coming.”

Nabisco, the company that makes Oreos, confirmed with PEOPLE that they are, in fact, making a special limited edition GoT Oreo. The GoT Oreos feature the traditional chocolate wafers stuffed with vanilla cream but with GoT designs.

The Official Cookie Of Westeros

The designs will represent the White Walkers, House of Lannister, House of Targaryen, and House Stark. It wasn’t clear prior to the cookie’s release whether the designs will be on the packaging, the cookie, or both.

A few social media accounts, like The Junk Food Aisle and Candy Hunting, gave us a sneak peek of what the GoT Oreos are believed to look like. Their photos show dark grey packaging with names of the different GoT houses written on it like Lannister, Targaryen, and Stark. An Oreo is seated in The Iron Throne at the center of the packaging.

The Cookies Are Coming… Eventually

Instagrammer Markie_devo revealed that the GoT Oreos will be released on April 8. We know for sure that they’ll be released sometime ahead of the show’s final season premiere on April 14. Regardless of when the GoT Oreos drop, the Internet is super excited about it. “I’m a huge fan (house Stark) so obviously these make me pretty damn happy. If you are a fan then cheers to us,” wrote Markie_devo.

The show’s final season is highly anticipated as fans have been waiting for about two years for the show to return. The extended wait and the Oreos were mentioned on Late Night With Seth Meyers by Comedian Seth Meyers who joked, “The way it works is you eat seven of them, and then you have to wait three years before you can have another.”

Well, it probably doesn’t quite work that way, but you’ll just have to grab a glass of milk and wait to find out for sure. You can watch the official trailer for GoT Season 8 below.

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