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Dogs Or Cats? These Photos May Change Your Answer

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Cat Sleeping

The life of a cat must be nice. No responsibilities, just all day marathon naps. Anyone who has had a cat has come home to see their precious fur angel sleeping the day away. But imagine the surprise that some of these cat owners had when they found their exhausted kittens taking cat naps and sun baths in these truly awkward, bizzare, and all around hilarious positions. The photos they took of their cats sleeping will have you thinking of the term “taking a cat nap” in a whole new light, and will have you scratching your head wondering how these cats even managed to get into these positions, let alone sleep in them!

1. Netflix and Chill

We’ve all been there, when after a long day you just want to sprawl out on the couch and binge watch television for the rest of the day (and by rest of the day, we mean until you fall asleep remote-in-hand, staring at the TV from the couch).

Cats Sleeping


In this way, this cute cat is like all of us, and almost everyone can relate. That is why one Reddit user posted this picture of his cat along with the caption “I think my cat is actually a tiny man in a cat suit.” And honestly, we think he just might be, too.

2. Cat-tus

That one has got to hurt! Nothing feels quite like pricking yourself on a cactus, so it’s hard to understand how this little kitten picked the top of a cactus plant as it’s perfect spot to get in a short nap in the middle of the day.

Cat Sleeping


But despite taking a nap on this (actually not so prickly looking) prickly pear cactus, this adorable orange and white tabby cat seems quite comfortable to us! Sleeping in the grass can be relaxing, and this is basically… kind of… the same thing, right? Maybe not. Regardless, we definitely wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home.

3. Lettuce Take A Moment

This probably isn’t what you imagine when you think about a bed of lettuce! We don’t remember cats being on the menu of our local salad shop, so this topping seems a little odd. One user on Reddit posted this head scratching photo of his cat along with the caption “My cat fell asleep in my salad.”

Cat Sleeping


We’ve all experienced that after lunch feeling, where all you want to do is bury your head in your food and take a quick cat nap. Well, if you are a cat, it seems like you can go right ahead and do just that. But if you’re this cat’s owner, it seems like you’ll have to go and get yourself another salad. Talk about health living though!

4. White Night

If you were just scrolling through cat photos, you might not even notice that there’s one in this photo! This white fluffy cat tree makes for the perfect hiding place for a white fluffy cat. And if you’re this particular white fluffy cat, it seems to also make the perfect place for a nap.

Cat Sleeping


You can’t tell from this photo, but this heavy sleeper is a ragdoll cat named Manu. Manu’s human parents posted this photo on Instagram, along with a comment that explained that Manu may be getting just a little too big for his cat tree. We’ll have to agree on this one. But in our opinion, Manu doesn’t seem to mind one bit. 

5. A Delicate Balance

Sometimes you have to take life one step at a time, other times you don’t make it that far. Apparently, this cat is having one of those days, and fell asleep right at the top of this staircase. And it looks this this fatigue feline has taken its passion for napping a step too far.

Cat Sleeping

Flickr/Jaret S

Cats are known for their incredible ability to balance and land on their feet (among other things like being pretty cute sleepers), so this cat was safe on the banister. But that doesn’t mean that it probably gave its owner a shock when he was caught in this balancing act.

6. A Load Of Laundry

A common rule of thumb when doing your laundry: Always separate your load of white clothing from your load of colorful clothing. But there doesn’t seem to be any rule mentioning separating your cats from your laundry. And it seems this cat has not heard any rule either.

Cats Sleeping


Apparently, finding an odd place to doze off isn’t very out of the ordinary for this cat, pictured here right after being woken up from his nap. This cat’s owner posted on Reddit that he likes to sleep in “obscure places.” The Reddit user also wrote “he is SO lucky I saw him before turning the water on.” We’ll second that!

7. Filling Your Shoes

Humans think that cat lives (all nine of them) are so easy, roaming around the home, perching themselves on windows, playing with toys, not having to work a day job. We wonder what it would be like to walk in their shoes for a day. Apparently, kittens wonder the same thing about humans.

Cat Sleeping


No, that isn’t a fur lined shoe you are looking at. Well, not technically. For now, it isn’t even a shoe. It’s a kitten bed, of course! One Reddit user posted this photo online of their foster kitten and wrote that it “finds the weirdest places to sleep.” We’re going to have to agree with this one.

8. A Little Spoon

This kitten is cuddled so closely with her doggy friend here that we almost didn’t see her there! This nine-week-old rescue kitten named Tonks sure does know how to pick a great place to sleep. According to her owner, her favorite nap spot is “on top of, underneath, inside, and next to our 70 pound Golden Retriever” named Luna.

Cat Sleeping


Tonks’ owner, a Reddit user, posted that the tenacious cat spends her days “harassing” two-year-old Luna the retriever, and spends her nights “sleeping with Luna like nothing ever happened.” Older sister Luna shrugs off all the energy of her little sister and puts up with Tonks’ antics. Sounds like just your typical set of siblings.

9. Hanging Out

This cat is definitely getting the hang of sleeping, and we mean this quite literally. This little short, white haired kitten was pictured catching some z’s on a clothing drying rack by its owner. We’re not really sure how he or she got here, and we’re even more unsure how this cat managed to stay there so peacefully.

Sleeping Cat


However this cat got here, we’re definitely impressed that it managed to hang in there for this cute picture. And somehow this cat’s sleep wasn’t disrupted by either the position nor getting its picture taken. It may seem uncomfortable, but get a look at that kitten belly and it seems totally worth it.

10. Flower Power Nap

Some days are just so tiring, you can plant yourself down for a nap just about wherever. It seems that this seemingly very tired cat took that idea a little bit too literally, and decided that a plant was the perfect place to plop itself down for a good night – we mean afternoon – of sleep.

Cats Sleeping


We know that it’s called a plant bed, but that does not mean you should sleep on it. Apparently this cat did not get that memo, and turned this plant bed into its very own bed. But in the end, that’s alright, because it means we get to look at this seriously adorable photo of this serenely sleeping beauty.

11. Stretching The Limits

At first glance, it might not be clear as to what exactly this cat is doing. Is this cat sunbathing? Or is it stretching its abs after a hard workout of sit ups? Maybe it’s raising its arms out of pure joy? One Reddit user posted this picture of his friend’s cat and guessed that it must be melting.

Cat Sleeping


Nope, this happy kitten is just sleeping, of course. And just like anyone else who likes to spread out as wide as they can while they sleep, we are left wondering if there’s anymore room for anyone else on the couch. It’s fine, we can just take the floor. We wouldn’t want to disturb that deep of a slumber, anyway.

12. Cat’s Out Of The Bag

This particularly odd choice for a sleeping arrangement has us thinking about a certain song by Phoebe Buffay about a certain notorious cat in the show Friends. We can’t imagine that this would be a comfortable place to take a rest, but judging by this cat’s very serene looking face, it doesn’t seem to mind.

Cat Sleeping


Anyone who has had a cat knows that most of them have a strange affinity for lying on pieces of paper (and usually their favorite ones are the important papers you need at that very moment). So the most logical explanation we can think of is that this paper-filled waste bin was too appealing for this sleepy kitty to pass up. Well, at least, we hope it was filled with just paper.

13. Taking A Cat Nap

Life is hard, especially if you’re a cat with no responsibilities, no errands you need to run and no bills that have to be paid. Just kidding, being a cat sounds pretty great, actually. But for those of us humans who have errands, bills and responsibilities, some comic relief from a cat can help during the most frustrating, groan-worthy moments.

Cat Sleeping


That’s why many users on Reddit related so well to this sleeping cat, who fell asleep sitting up and making a face that anyone who has experienced an early Monday morning workday can understand. We can almost hear this cat groaning about having to go to work and get out of bed.

14. Appreciating The Arts

Ahh, the joys of going for a day in the local park, picking a relaxing spot under the sun, laying out in the warmth, and taking a well deserved nap. This cat seems to agree, and it is showing us how a “cat nap” is really done.

Cat Sleeping


In this serene scene, this exhausted kitten is also showing us the true meaning of enjoying the arts. While in a park, this cat decided that this sculpture of a man and a woman looking off in the distance was the perfect place to curl up. We’d like to say that this cozy-looking ball of fur has the act of napping down to an art!

15. Puss in Boots

Audiences first met the fictional version of “Puss in Boots” in the Shrek movies. Then, later, in 2011, theater goers got a chance to see the character star in a film of his own, aptly titled Puss in Boots. The movie featured the famous orange tabby cat voiced over by actor Antonio Banderas.

Cat Sleeping


This real life version doesn’t include Antonio Banderas, an animated action/fantasy film, or talking ogres and donkeys. But, luckily, this actual puss in a boot does include an adorable orange tabby cat and leather footwear. Instead of a feisty fairy tale character, this cat is really real, really cute, and really tired.

16. God Is A Kitten

At first glance, this kitten doesn’t seem to be taking a siesta in a necessarily strange position. It certainly is not a cactus or a high banister for a flight of steps. But one Reddit user pointed out a strikingly hilarious similarity between this picture of a sleepy kitten and another, more famous, image.

Cats Sleeping


Take a moment and, just as a refresher, Google the famous fresco painting The Creation of Adam. You know, that pretty well-known painting by Italian artist Michelangelo, known around the world for being masterfully painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Yes, that one. See the resemblance?

17. The Cat’s Pajamas

We’ve heard of sleeping in pajamas, of course. And we’ve even heard of sleeping on top of pajamas (for those tough nights when you’re too tired to put away your clothes so you just sleep right on top of them). But we’ve never heard of something quite like this.

Cats Sleeping


We almost missed him hidden there, but this inventive kitten has found a new meaning to the cat’s pajamas. It actually made a bed of hangers on top of its owners hung up PJs. We’re left with a few questions here, like how can this be comfortable? And how did this cat even get up there? But we’ll let sleeping dogs (or cats) lie when it comes to this one.

18. Printer Jam

For some reason, printing out documents is something that tends to become much more difficult than it should be. Between connecting the computer to the printer, making sure it works, making sure there is enough paper and enough ink, the unnecessary complications that come with printing a document can be maddening.

Cat Sleeping


And while paper jams can be common, this kind of paper jam is a little bit more out of the ordinary. Imagine this cat owner’s surprise when they went to check their printer and found this sleepy kitty. We’ll take this over a jammed document anyway, and we are glad that this cat’s owner documented this adorable photo.

19. The Purrfect Spot

Falling asleep in front of the television is definitely very common. But falling asleep behind the television? That is something that you do not get to see every day. But one day, a Reddit user found their cat doing just that, and decided to snap this adorable photo of this sleeping cat.

Cats Sleeping


There’s the term “stuck between a rock and a hard place,” but this cat is stuck between a wall and a hard place. From the tight fit, to the plugs jutting out of a television, we can’t imagine this is comfortable. But for now, let’s just enjoy this photo and not disturb the deep slumber.

20. Goodnight, Sleep Tight

There are teacup puppies, teacup cats, there are even teacup pigs these days. But the baby kitten you see here is not one of those adorable teacup sized cats. She’s just a normal sized kitten – but she prefers to sleep in teacup holders, apparently.

Cats Sleeping


The strange sight led one Reddit user to post this picture online and explain that her friend’s new kitten likes napping in her car’s cup holders. It’s definitely a strange place to nap, and we can imagine it would be inconvenient if this cat’s owner has any cups she needs holding. But we’ll take fur babies over beverages any day.

21. Living Out Of Boxes

Moving is hard. Between the packing, the transporting, and the unpacking, even if you hire movers it can lead to an exhausting few days. That’s why some people chose to take a longer time unpacking their boxes, and instead chose to live out of them for a few days.

Cats Sleeping


This cat took that idea to a whole new level, and apparently decided that living out of boxes was not enough. It wanted to sleep out of boxes as well, no matter how tiny. One Reddit user posted this photo online along with the caption “My cat wouldn’t accept the fact that the box was too small for him.”

22. Bar-b-cute

After eating a big meal we usually just want to fall asleep right on the spot. If that sounds familiar, then you can relate well to this adorable cat, who apparently had too much to eat from this barbecue. She must not have gotten far either, and fell right to sleep on this (extinguished) grill.

Cat Sleeping


Her owner, a Reddit user, uploaded this picture online and explained that this is where he found his cat once he had come home after a long day of work. It seems that this cat had a long day of work too. Diligently grilling all day takes a lot of energy!

23. Sleeping On The Job

This is one of those moments where it’d be useful if cats could have online “away messages.” This adorable snap of a precious slumbing kitten proves once again that cats can basically sleep in any position. Uploaded to Reddit, the cat’s owner “Panierschnitzel” explained that, “He loves sleeping there whenever I’m on my pc.”

cat sleeping on computer


And who could blame this cat? It’s all in a hard days work, and this lovable kitten seems like it has the work life balance down. We’d be lying if we said that we did not wish we could fall asleep at our computers too. And just imagine, cats have to do all of their computer work without the benefits of drinking coffee. No wonder they need sleep!

24. Let Me Sleep on It

Life is a balance, and so is sleeping. And this sweet slumbering cat seems to have mastered the latter. Does it count as sleeping on the couch if technically only your paws are touching? The jury is still out on that one.

Cat Sleeping


But for now this cat will sleep on that question as it hangs perfectly in the balance between this wooden side table and its comfortable couch. Hopefully, this gray cat can sleep without being disturbed, as it blends in perfectly with the grey sofa it is partially sleeping on. But still, we can’t imagine this sleeping position is very comfortable for this kitty.

25. Face The Music

With online streaming services, online movie, song rentals and everything in between, it seems that people today are not using CDs and DVDs as much as they used to. Some computers don’t even come with a CD drive anymore! But as times are changing, luckily kittens are not.

Cat Sleeping


This almost impossibly endearing kitten does not care if CDs were so last decade. It seemingly thinks that CDs are the perfect place for a makeshift bed. It’s owner found it curled up in a little ball right between some CDs, DVDs and video games when they snapped this wholesome photo. This precious shot has us wanting to collect all of our old disks, if that means we get to have a sweet little kitty snuggle up with us, too!

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