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Neighbors Attach Hysterical Note Explaining Roaming Cat’s Activities To Owner, And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Many cats get a bad rep for being stand-offish or skittish, but Rex Manning is a friendly neighborhood cat-celebrity. After Rex’s owner, Emily Crane, decided to let Rex roam free, Rex was melting hearts and getting into misadventures. When Emily discovered a note attached to Rex’s collar, it finally shed some light on Rex’s recreational activities.

King Of The Neighborhood

Rex has become a familiar face and welcome addition to his community. After begging to run loose outside of the home, he has been spreading the love and joy to anyone who will offer a friendly pat or scratch a cat ear or two. Although Rex gets plenty of love and attention from home, cats like Rex are always open to getting more affection.

Emily Crane / Facebook

When Emily first started letting Rex run around outside, she would enjoy watching her kitty from the upstairs kitchen window. Over time, Emily soon realized that many of her neighbors needed no introduction to her fur baby. Rex had already made more than a few acquaintances on his excursions outside. Emily’s curiosity peaked, as she had no clue what Rex was doing when away from home.

Two-Timing Tom Cat

After another adventurous day, Rex came home with a note, prancing around like “he knew he had a delivery to make,” according to Emily. When Emily unfurled the curled up letter attached carefully to Rex’s collar, she couldn’t help but double over laughing about the message inside.

Emily Crane / Facebook

Unwittingly, Rex delivered a note that let the cat out of the bag about his neighborhood travels. According to the handwritten letter, Rex was a frequent visitor to the nearby red house. Rex had developed an infatuation for the neighbor’s bathtub, and was sneaking inside the red house to sit in the tub. Luckily, Emily’s neighbors got a kick out of Rex’s visits and “love Rex very much.”

Funny Furball

Rex is “definitely a character!” according to Emily. Rex’s cat mama figures that people can’t help but fall in love with an adorable and social feline.

Emily Crane / Facebook

Emily happily sent a return note for the neighbors at the red house, thanking them for taking good care of Rex. Emily certainly loves how friendly Rex is with others, and knows her funny feline makes people’s day.

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