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Caught On Film: New Zealand Woman Discovers Adorable Culprit To Mysterious Newspaper Deliveries – Her Cat

Cats can be faithful companions to their owners. To show their love, they have been known to bring home toys or other treasures earned from a day of outdoor hunting. But not many bring home what this New Zealand cat placed on his owner’s doorstep.

Caught On Video

Jade Jeffries didn’t order the newspaper but for some reason, one kept being placed on her doorstep anyway. At first, she wasn’t sure what was happening. Then, a video showed the culprit was Jeffries’ rescue cat, Max. He had been working his way through the neighborhood, finding other residents newspapers and bringing them back home.

Cats aren’t the first domestic animal people think about connecting with newspaper delivery. Dogs traditionally come to mind. Some owners take time to train their pooch so that each morning they trot out the door and down the driveway to dutifully bring the rolled up paper back inside. However, a newspaper-fetching cat is new.

Jeffries Had Suspicions

From the beginning, Jeffries had her suspicions about what was going on. It was the bite marks in the papers that gave it away.


While she doesn’t know exactly which neighbors are missing which newspapers, she is now trying to make sure that the pilfering stops.

The Best Cat Intentions

Jeffries believes the cat had the best intentions. He was initially a feral cat who had been rescued as a kitten and became her pet. When she first knew him she sat with him for hours, giving him the time he needed to get used to him and form a bond. She believes he had delivered the papers as a sort of thank you gift.

The dodo

It is clear that the bond between owner and cat is thanks enough. Jeffries treasures Max’s unique personality and all signs indicate that he’ll be part of the family for years into the future.

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