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The New Zealand Minister For Women Boldly Bikes To Hospital To Give Birth

A female politician in New Zealand is living proof that ladies can do anything they put their minds to. In an impactful move, she actually biked to the hospital to give birth at 42 weeks. The intentional decision is inspiring women not only in New Zealand but across the world!

An Avid Cyclist

Julie Anne Genter, the Minister for Women in New Zealand, loves to ride her bike around town. Even when she learned that she and her partner, Peter, were expecting her first child, they still made time to ride. Not for rigorous trips, but enough to get a little exercise in. When it came down to actually give birth, they didn’t realize that their bikes were going to come in handy.

An Unconventional Trip

Julie Anne ultimately reached 42 weeks of pregnancy, and still hadn’t given birth. Her doctor decided to induce her, and she and Peter planned to go to the hospital.  But they chose a less than traditional route. Julie Anne and Petter cycled to Auckland City Hospital because there wasn’t enough room in the car for their “support crew”. It was a mostly downhill ride, and the two got there safely. Then, the real work began.

Party Of Three

Thankfully, the bike ride put Julie Anne in “the best mood possible”. Once she and Peter made it the hospital, the New Zealand Minister for Women waited for a long time for her labor to actually start. However, her labor itself was nice and short. Julie Anne and Peter welcomed a healthy baby boy, making them a family of three!

Girl Power

Julie Anne posted pictures with her belly and bike on Instagram, sharing her labor story. The ride to the hospital gained a lot of attention, mostly from female well-wishers who were impressed by Julie Anne’s ride while pregnant. “That is so awesome! Great attitude,” one user commented. “I love positivity, especially when dealing with medical issues. Congratulations!” Another user added, “You are a beautiful example for the world! And congratulations for your new baby.”

Riding Home

Though the politician rode her bike to the hospital, she certainly didn’t plan on cycling after birth. Instead, she rode home with her mom and the baby, while other family members rode the bikes home. Julie Anne doesn’t regret her ride in the least, knowing that it would be her last one for a while. “I cycled to the hospital for the joy of it!” she later wrote on Facebook. In fact, she plans to add on a baby seat for her bike once her son gets older so she can continue her rides.

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