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Newborn Twin Brothers Comfort Each Other Right After Their Birth In Heartwarming Video

Talk about brotherly love! These newborn twins shared the womb for months and clearly already have an unbreakable bond. After their birth, the two brothers shared an amazing moment captured by their dad in a viral video.

Party of Six

Dane and Lisa Lyman were excited to be expanding their family.  The two were expecting twins—two boys—who would join their daughters, Corrine and Amelia. The parents looked forward to becoming a family of six.

Facebook / Dane Lyman

On February 25, 2018, Lisa gave birth to her baby boys, named Caleb and Weston. Though they were born four weeks premature, the newborn brothers were healthy and strong. Their lungs were nice and strong too, as the boys wailed loudly together after their birth. What happened next was absolutely astounding.

A Heartwarming Moment

As the boys squirmed and cried, Dane recorded a video to showcase their first minutes of life. A nurse brought the two brothers together, touching their cheeks together. Miraculously, the boys stopped crying.

Facebook / Dane Lyman

Dane was stunned by the sweet moment. “One of our greatest hopes, when we found out we were having twins, was that, as they grew, they would be good friends and support one another,” he shared in an interview. “Seeing them comfort each other just moments after birth was almost like the first step in that special relationship.”

Best Friends For Life

Dane shared the video on Facebook a little over a month after the boys’ birth. He was especially glad that he recorded the moment because his wife had missed it. But surely he didn’t expect it to go viral over the internet! Over different social media platforms, the adorable video has been viewed millions of times.

Facebook / Lisa Lyman

This type of thing is actually pretty common in twins. Since they’ve been in the same confined space for so long, twins are often seen clinging on to each other both in and outside of the womb. Dane did share that Caleb and Weston still comfort each other at home, showing that their brotherly bond is still very much intact.

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