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This Young Genius Created A Newsroom That Replaces Humans With Robots

Newsrooms no longer need human journalists it seems. That’s a thing of the past! Instead, robots and artificial intelligence are beginning to replace media teams— changing the way news is being delivered. Learn how one startup media company is the leader of this technological advancement. Would you trust a machine to deliver valuable news information?

Breaking News

In 2017, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s half-brother was killed in an airport in Malaysia— a case the U.S. Department of State determined an assassination. The news spread quickly, but Katsuhiro Yoneshige’s startup news technology company, JX Press Corp. “broke” the news first. How is this possible? You can thank robots for that…

Atlanta Black Star

The Big Secret

Yoneshige’s startup company, founded in 2008 when he was only a freshman in college, is a highly specialized news technology platform. As a combination of social media and artificial intelligence, Yoneshige and his team developed a tool using machine learning to search for breaking news from various social media posts. This tool writes news reports without any writers at all.

Japan Times

No More Journalists

You would think a newsroom needs to have skilled journalists, but Yoneshige proves all you need is a team of engineers and computers. JX Press Corp.’s breaking news computer service, Fast Alert, scans social media posts, analyzing texts, photos, and even exclamation points, to configure breaking news stories in Japan and overseas. Then, the program gets to work…

University of Minnesota

Machines As Writers

Searching for reliable, trustworthy profiles and sources, Fast Alert finds news at an incredible pace. Once it finds the news, its algorithms write news stories that could easily be passed off as being written by actual journalists. And if you’re worried about “fake news,” you don’t have to anymore. Fast Alert quickly filters out 99-percent of false news stories— a skill humans don’t have.

A “Must-Have” Tool

Since its founding, many media teams have collaborated with JX Press Corp. and its Fast Alert service. Koichiro Nishi, Editor-in-Chief at TV Asahi, said Fast Alert is a “must-have tool.” If you think journalism is a dying profession, you obviously have never worked with robotic journalists! The next time you read a news story, ask yourself, “Was this written by a computer?”.

Malay Mail

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