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Mariah Carey’s Ex, Nick Cannon is Having Another Baby

There’s no need to ask “who?” when you hear that Nick Cannon is having another baby AND that it’s not with Mariah. Even though they are no longer together, Cannon was reportedly nervous about sharing the news. It was a shock to many when the couple announced their split in 2014 and again when it became final in 2016. After 6 years, the boat has been rocked even more!

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Cannon and Carey have twins, Monroe and Moroccan age 5. They have been told that they will get a new sibling. Apparently, all around the news was handled well and the kids are excited to have someone new to play with. It’s reported that Carey approached Cannon after hearing the news, instead of playing around in the rumor mill. He said that her direct approach and questions made it easy to tell her the truth and that overall he was shocked about how supportive she was. Maybe it was her short engagement to billionaire James Packer that helped her muster her encouragement.

nick cannon

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So, who is this new baby with? Well, no other than Nick Cannon’s ex: Brittany Bell. Bell is a Chamorro actress and was crowned Miss Arizona USA in 2010. She also dances and is a TV presenter. It’s reported that these two met shortly after Cannon’s split with Carey. Her pregnancy wasn’t announced immediately but became known to the public in November 2016. Instagram photos of celebrations and a big baby bump quickly popped up all over the web. However, we have noticed a lack of Cannon and Bell together with her adorable baby bump.

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Now, it has not been said that Bell and Cannon are going to get married, but they have stated that they will co-parent and it seems that everyone is trying to get along, just like one big happy family. Cannon was very clear when talking to reporters that this baby was not an accident. He says that he has always known what he wants in life, and that has been 5 kids. He wanted to make it clear that he didn’t see a reason that couldn’t still happen, even after his split with Carey.

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Bell comes off as the perfect fit for him to continue his family with. He felt that they shared the same views and that she had a solid and stable faith.

Of course, it’s extremely common to have a non-traditional family nowadays. It begs to question, “ What is a traditional family?” Everyone in this situation has agreed that the children come first and that they all want to love them, so we wish them the best!

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