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This NigerianTeen Just Invented A Super Cool And Innovative App To Find Lost Kids

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A Nigerian teen has used her love for the tech industry to make a very positive change in her area. She created an app that will not only impact other kids, but her country as a whole, and it’s getting rave reviews.

A Passion For Coding

Fifteen-year-old Tomisin Ogunnubi began coding at just 12 years old. She discovered quickly that she had a knack for the tech industry, a very profitable and well-needed career choice. Coding is a field typically dominated by men, not women. And especially not women of color.

Tomisin realized, though, that she wanted to use her new found passion to help others. “It was me then, as my 12-year-old self, thinking, ‘Oh I’ve just learned how to create applications. How about I use what I have learned to create something that can be useful to me and other people?'” she mentioned in an interview. The young girl then thought of a specific need in her country, and how she could use coding to help fulfill it.

An App For The Lost

With many kids out and about at different times of the day, Tomisin came up with an idea to assist them and their families in case things ever went wrong. She developed the My Locator app in 2016 to help kids in case they get lost or have an emergency. “I was very conscious about security, thinking, there are different dangerous people,” the young coder mentioned. “So I guess the idea of being able to go out safely might have been what triggered the idea for the app.”

My Locator, compatible currently with Android, has three different sections including Current Location, Alert Button, and Remembered Location. The Current Location setting will show any child where they are exactly in the area. The Remembered Location will allow them to save a specific location (say, home or school), and can help to direct them to that place from wherever they are using Google Maps. What’s even greater is that there is an alert button that will call the Lagos State Emergency Service number (767) to request help. It can also alert other family members or loved ones.

Rising Tech Star

So far, the My Locator app has been downloaded 1000 times on Google Play, but that number is steadily increasing. The news of the innovative app and Tomisin’s creative skills has also been getting around. Already, she’s been interviewed by top finance and tech sites impressed by her work with this app!

For Tomisin, though, this is just the beginning of what she hopes will be a long and fruitful career. Her work has even inspired a change in her school curriculum to have courses on coding. However, the rising tech star is already working on some new things that she’s keeping under wraps right now. “I feel great after developing the app, though not a professional app, but I have other things agitating my mind to work on,” she said. “I prefer to keep them to myself for now, because things change and develop over time.”

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