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Nike’s New ‘Grass’ Shoes: A Growing Trend Or A Design Out Of Left Field?

In the course of their lifetime, Nike has come out with some amazingly favorite shoes. From Jordans to Air Max shoe designs, it would seem the company has got things pretty figured out. Those designs, however, are but a shallow comparison compared to the newest Nike shoe release.

Specially Designed Grass Shoes

Nike has started 2019 with a bang, as they are set to release their newest golf shoe made from grass. While the pump itself is rather strange to look at, its specially designed turf traction and grass texture give it a slightly new appeal.


Set to cost $149 the shoe is quite an amazing feat of design. Inspired by the PGA golf tour, the Air Max 1 Golf “Grass” shoes are said to blend in with the grass you play on.

Mixed Reviews

The shoe design was released on Twitter earlier this month, with users providing some new reactions to their plan. One user from Twitter wrote, “These look like shoes I would be so proud of when I was ten, but so embarrassed when I saw a picture of myself wearing them.” Another user commented, “Why would I want to play a gold shoe that makes you look like you are playing out of the rough!”


Other users posted funny gifs and memes about the shoe release. One showed a throwback chia pet, while the other showed a confused and slightly irritated Mr. Bean. The reactions are mixed.

Wait And See

Regardless of how you might feel about the release of these Nike shoes, it’s no doubt Nike is continuing to cater to their market. With millions of shoes sold, they are one of the most profitable shoe companies in the world. Not to mention their stunning marketing tactics designed to entice customers and create discussion around their products.

Nobody knows for sure how the shoes will turn out. From the release details, they appear to be somewhat ergonomic to avid golf players. Will the benefits outweigh the stigma that comes with wearing grass on your shoes? Well, I guess that depends on how your golf game is.

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