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Norway’s Underwater Restaurant Is Now Open For Under-The-Sea Fine Dining

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Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, a world-renowned architect, is the creative mind behind Under, a half-sunken Norwegian restaurant that is both a feat of ingenuity and the dining experience of a lifetime. After years of anticipation, the general public is finally able to reserve tables at this underwater restaurant. What’s inside?

Underwater Nature Watching

The crowning jewel of under is the large panoramic window that allows guest to get a unique perspective of the sea. Since the seating area of the restaurant is underwater and dimly lit, marine life swims right by. During storms, guests can also see what the churning of the water looks like below the surface.

What’s The Food Like?

The menu at Under focuses on food that is fresh and natural. Of course, there is plenty of seafood on the menu.  The menu changes seasonally based on what ingredients are freshest in the area. Everyone is served the same multi-course meal, and guest can choose to add wine or juice pairing to their meal.

The Beauty Of The Ocean

Visiting Under is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. The building is swathed in the changing cool lighting of the surrounding ocean. The tables, chairs, ceiling, and walls are all made of a warm, earthy wood. These contrasting color patterns give the restaurant a distinctly beautiful look.

Sunset Ceilings

Since the restaurant sits at a slant, guests enter into a foyer and then walk down to the dining area. The wooden ceilings in this area have an iridescent pattern that mimics the sunset. According to Thorsen, the architect, this pattern was chosen because the restaurant is like a bridge between land and sea.

More Than A Restaurant

Under was carefully designed so that is wouldn’t have a negative impact on the marine habitat. The concrete on the outside of the building will be an artificial reef after years of animals making their home on it. The restaurant will also open its doors to researchers who can observe sea life through its window.

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